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starts in THE comments.
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:10:
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc

Windows Media: Hi | Lo ; RealPlayer: Hi | Lo


I've been waiting for QUALITY animation like this since the last Gorillaz album.


awesome video! i love the song so much, though ... can't wait until the record comes out ...

pretty special video.

the animation and characters are amazing - I heard a while back that the 2nd Gorillaz album would be the soundtrack to a feature film... still wish that would happen.

As for this - what, are they all in an opium den at the beginning? The song is good but nowhere nearly as catchy-first-single as "Clint Eastwood"

Seeing how Del isn't on this album I kind of was hoping Russel would lip-sync all the guest rappers parts... ah well.

Yeah, and where's Noodle?!

Who does the animation for these videos? Do they do anything else?


they're done by jamie hewlett (of tank girl comic fame) with peter candeland, both at passion pictures in london

Noodle is in the video on the floating windmill. I love how she's grown up a little since we last saw her...

all gorillaz videos are co-produced between jamie hewlett (who does the art) and pete candeland of passion pictures.


While commenting these High-Tech Videos please keep in mind that Gorillaz most probably have a much higher budget than most of the other videos on this blog. How many people, equals how much time, equals how much money do you think does this quality animation need?!

I am guessing this one was fairly economical, compaired with the amount of action in Clint Eastwood.

quality animation, but how 'bout they try investing in some quality ideas first? maybe i just didnt get it..

dose enyone have the tabs for feel good inc if u do email me at ( that would be cool

Why do you have two email addresses?

Its not Noodle on the windmill its 2-D when he was younger...hes having a flashback, you can see this because you can see him singing and because it looks nothing like noodle ohh and the hair colour.

It's nice to see that you've settled down, I was worried.

Man... When is the Album coming out? I was heartbroken when I only found the NEW original album (the one with the CE remix and a seperate track for Ed Case's remix!) on shelves. I've been dying about this song for weeks now... And I love that guitar... My sister should get those tabs!

Im pretty sure that thats Noodle on the windmill. 2-D isnt a guitarist and look at nails. They are altering their apperance so Noodle has simply grown up a bit. *Ive watched this to many times*. Also is it just me or is Russle not really hitting the drums durring the second chorus when they show just him? His right hand *our left* is fast... but the other one. God i love this video.

I think it is 2-D the whole point of the video is to show 2-D having a flashback to when he was young. i know 2-D doesnt play guitar but noodle also doesnt sing the chorus either. look and you can see the person on the floating windmill singing. maybe it ius noodle, but im just saying what i think.

I think it is 2-D the whole point of the video is to show 2-D having a flashback to when he was young. i know 2-D doesnt play guitar but noodle also doesnt sing the chorus either. look and you can see the person on the floating windmill singing. maybe it is noodle, but im just saying what i think.


Nope, that's Noodle on the windmill-- if you look at the new Gorillaz poster, her hair is just like 2D's but a shade lighter (and why would 2D wear knee high socks?)
If anything, he's remembering what it was like to be a carefree and imaginative child like Noodle. Oh, p.s. Noodle does do vocals-- "Get the cool shoe-shine," anybody?

Exactly. I think its to show a balance. You see "Feel Good INC" surrounded by dark clouds and 2-D doesnt look all that happy, Noodle is sitting there on a sunny bright platform playing guitar. But thats just me.

"adamr, Sunday, 27. March 2005, 04:30

I've been waiting for QUALITY animation like this since the last Gorillaz album."

You!~~ You're probably wrong Noodle answered this question on the fansite by saying:

"Pah! I am not concerned with talk. My time is more valuable. I am already busy demo-ing for the Third Gorillaz album. Then this trilogy will have its conclusion."
^^ !!! Another one <3 <3

"adamr, Sunday, 27. March 2005, 04:30

I've been waiting for QUALITY animation like this since the last Gorillaz album."

You!~~ You're probably wrong Noodle answered this question on the fansite by saying:

"Pah! I am not concerned with talk. My time is more valuable. I am already busy demo-ing for the Third Gorillaz album. Then this trilogy will have its conclusion."
^^ !!! Another one <3 <3

Did anyone understand that? And that is taken out of context. They where asking Noodle if she had anything to add to an interview. That had nothing to do with this music video.


The person whose theory about 2-D beening on the windmill isnt correct, i read the thoughts of the gorillaz and the video, basically the windmill represents youth, innosence and joy, while if u look at Club feel good u see a bunch of
passed out, dead-drunk people with 2-D still standing and Noodle is jus singing to the song

iz the end of the video goin to have a continuation??

Dude! Note that I said "probably" we don't know if she's serious or not, but it's something to look forward too!!1!1111

Sry if i sounded extra hyped and put-down anybodies idea and/or thoughts.

The band have spoken out about the new video Feel Good Inc, which you can now see in the Multimedia section of the website:

2D: I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn't get out of. Of excess and hedonism. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party's got out of hand. It' s become like the Last days of Pompeii... a... er... Sodding Gommorah. The Feel Good Inc Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I'm just waking up from this year-long hedonists dream, and I realise that maybe... the fruits of success have turned sour.

Noodle is outside of the Tower, in the pale morning-after light, sitting on the edge of this floating island. And you can see she knows what's happening. But people have to wake up to it themselves. So that's what the video is about; being trapped by the things you make, and realising everyone else is caught up in it. Using it. Just... they need their party to continue, to keep this thing afloat. The Tower of Babel.

Murdoc: Apart from the obvious thing, which is my gyrating hips, the coolest thing about the video would be the the hydraulics on this gig. Just for the windmill section alone cost about 3.5 million pounds. That's sterling. We had to buy a small island, make a mold of it and then scrape out all the insides. When that was done we filled the whole thing full of helium. Using the motor from the windmill we managed to get the thing to float, but it was an absolute bugger!


when exactly does the album come out

this album will be awesome


where can I download this video onto my hard dive?
i love this song coz its all bass and drums :)

Hello people. I'm new here and for once I actully have a pretty good idea of what's going on. That means this sites easy to use. I'm a new Gorillaz fan and I was wondering if anyone could give me some back history on them. E-mail me if you like anime & manga. I apoligize for all mispelled words. (Can't spell) Have fun readen the rest of the comments.

To all you people who can't figure the video out I shall try to explain. Note: this statment isn't right and it isn't wrong. It is merly my opinion. The video starts out with the cops chasing the windmill then it goes to the "Feel Good Inc." biulding. The biulding signifiys (can't spell) being traped. Or that somethings trying to keep them there. Oh, wait, that's the same thing isn't it? Ah well, any why then we see the guy with the speakerphone. It looks to me like he's trying to A: get peoples attenion B: railly them up, or C:tell them something. It doesn't work to well cause only 2 or 3 people respond. Then he starts talking about the windmill, this represents the longing for something more then the life we see befor us. Something that will make him truly happy. Then the rapper dude comes. (Rap ain't Crap) To me the rap music sounded menaceing and taunting, like he's saying "Hey you don't need that windmill. It's better here. What are you gonna do on a windmill all day any way? Besides it's not like you can get out. WAHHAHAHAHAHHA!" Then he starts talken bout the windmill again. I think the person on the mill represents A:him imagening he's on the mill B: someone he wants to be with who's on the mill. Then the rapper dude starts up again. This time he's sayen "Ha ha. The windmill's out there and your in here and theres no way for yoo to get to it. WAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAH...AHHAHA..HAHAAH...HAHAH. Then the dude just sit's down and excepts his fate. The choppers chasing the mill represent other people wante=ing to get to it. .......WHY did I write this? I'm sorry I don't know why i wrote this. If you can ignore it.



2d is so cute in this music video. tehehe. noodle is so cool! i'm so glad she got her hair back and i hope she keeps it like that. murdoc is so nasty in this music video. * grossed out* he is always either with girls or with someone else. *yuck*

Is the weedfreak guy talking to me?

Hey there! New to this place, and I heard of the new Gorillaz album comin' out. I wanted to see the video of Feel Good Inc, cause I've heard most of the song already. Letme just say it's pretty amazing, and it's got some high production values for a band that only uses animation to create a simplistic looking music video. Not that it's "simple looking", but you've gotta admire something that someone has worked over so hard and long, yet all it amounts to is a few minutes of air time on some channel like MTV. In the end, it's an awesome video(which is what I expect from the Gorillaz band considering they've had some EXTREMELY inventive music videos. Probaly one of the only bands that actually has meaning to it's music.

On terms of understand the concept the video was built around, I myself didn't get it automatically. But, as I read some of this comments, and watched the video a lil more(in fact, I'm listening to it now, it's so good,:P) I actually got it. Ashia was actually both right and wrong. 2-D apparently already explained it, but now it's basically been made into easier words for a more streamline internet audience. Yes, the people inside of Feel Good Inc are partying constantly, but they're sick of it and wanta leave. Cause I wasn't going to be doing anything important for the next couple of minutes, I reviewed the lyrics for the song.
And the rapper IS some sort of master of the place, Listen to this....
Laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats,
Lining them up-a like ass cracks,
Ladies, homies, at the track
its my chocolate attack.
Shit, I'm stepping in the heart of this here
Care bear bumping in the heart of this here
watch me as I gravitate
Yo, we gonna go ghost town,
this motown,
with yo sound
you're in the place
you gonna bite the dust
Cant fight with us
With yo sound
you kill the INC.
so dont stop, get it, get it
until you're cheddar header.
Yo, watch the way I navigate

He's basically telling 2-D to be quiet and get back to what he was previously doing, because on the outside, it's much worse. Yet, there's no escape, so he has to "accept his fate" as ashia put it. He's also telling 2-D to shut up because he actually starts to get across to SOME(not many, mind you)people.
But it also seems 2-D also has conflicting feelings with it all, because he talks about the city breaking down, and crap like that.
I hate sounding like a fanboy with no life, lol. I just decided to post this here, cause this thing seemed interesting, and I wanted to post my opinion about it.
So, basically the main story of the video...
3 of the gorillaz are trapped in some huge party machine where some person(apparently a rapper by the name of DJ Soul or something like that)is in charge. 2-D wants to go with Noodle, because even in the darkness of it all, the Windmill is illuminated in Beauty. 2-D wants to be free, wants to experience joy. Unfortunately, the Soul dude has other plans, and in the end, 2-D, Rusell and Murdoc are stuck there...until someone does something, which is probaly what those helicopters are for. I'm not sure just what exactly they're chasing, but they're trying to do something to either help out the people trapped inside "Feel Good Inc", or it's Feel Good Inc that's after the Windmill to take care of it, and finish it off.
Well, that's my opinion.

hey has anyone noticed that the new album (demon days)has hardly any bass or drumms? its kinda weird but an alright album. n about the film clip for feel good inc. its AWSOME!!!! its probably the best ive heard from da gorillaz(so far).and 2 aisha i recon ur spot on about the feel good inc. clip exept for the copters, no idea what thats about...


to asherralston,wat do u expect from murdoc? isnt he always like that?

De La Soul is the rapper there

To Lavenderlily, I'm really really really really sorry, and I don't mean any offfence but, umm... I just can't reag what you wrote. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't me mad!!
If it's a complament I thank you if it's not I have nothing to say. And while I'm on here, DEMON DAYS IS FINALLY OUT!!!
WHOOT! NOW ALL I NEED IS SOME MONEY! (and an artest but you people don't have to worry about that)

To Tyson03, just read you comment (Sorry i didn't read it sooner) and I am very impressed. You put real thought into it and came up with something very incisive. It's much better than what i put up. 1 question though, are you a okatu cause I'm pretty sure they only use the trem "fanboy".
E-mail me if you don't wanna talk here.
Anyone else who wants to e-mail me can, just don't use fowl langueage and don't ask me out on a date. My father will kill anyone who does. Really he will. Caio.

hey, ashia dont worry i didnt take offence to it. this may be nothing but, i think ive found a hidden message in the song words for "feel good inc." here it is:
***and all i wanna hear is the message beep*****
my dreams theve got a kissin cos i dont get sleep no...


******Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Learn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?******

Dear Lavenderlily, Thank u for not getting mad and just so we're all squered up, I spelled read "reag". you may make fun of me endlessly for I couldn't read what you wrote and I wasn't spelling right in the first place. As self puneshment I shall hide all my manga from myself. Now forget everything i just wrote.
Very interseting about the song. I need to buy the CD so i can read the rest of the liyrics. Any one got $15.95 I can borrow? I'll pay ya back.


Hey guys I'm a little late to the party, but being a Gorillaz fan it was only a matter of time till I found this. First off I really think the music video was awesome. And for all those people out there, I got confused by Noodle on the Windmill. I really thought she was 2-D too. Anyways I totally agree with tyson03 and ashia. After listening to this song I sort of got sucked into the whole thing. At first I just thought of the band as kinda cool, but that idea changed after that song. After listening to the song I realized they are one of the best bands I've ever heard. I love their sound. Anyways, I'm kind of upset that russel lost del, because I loved his ryhmes. Murdoc is just as crazy as ever though, I noticed that when I got that nice view of his plumber. Anyways just had to add a comment.

Zombie Flesh Eaters - thats Jamie's company and they are responsible for all the character design. The front of their office is one big mural of all the cast of Gorillaz.

I realize this is a really stupid place to post this and no ones probably reading this part anyway but this is the only place i could think of to put this. The fact of the matter is, My friend & I are making a doujinshi, if there's someone out there who has experience with manga, we'd really apreciate a few helpful pointers. Yes, I know half the words are spelled wrong and I do know that this has nothing to do with the Gorillza, so sue wait! Don't do that, have no money. (my life sucks)

I think Feel Good Inc is BRILLIANT! Im fed up of seeing the same ppl singing the same style of boring music. Gorillaz r so unique. As ive read from the things you guys have been saying the song as well as being gr8 has meaning and depth t it (Unlike the crazy frog who has no meaning wat so eva! YAWN!)The lyrics and video can also be interperated in different ways which is pure genius!(Murdoc is a bit dodgy in the video tho.) Gorillaz is absalutly amazing. Im listening to it now. Thank u 4 gorillaz!
P.s. I h8 to sound apsalutly stupid but is noodle a girl? I thought noodle looked like a boy but ppl says shes a girl. Ive only listend 2 the music i dont really no about the characters themselves. Im sorry im so stupid...dont get mad!

lavenderlily, Saturday, 18. June 2005, 05:24
hey, ashia dont worry i didnt take offence to it. this may be nothing but, i think ive found a hidden message in the song words for "feel good inc." here it is...

I dont understand what is the secret message? How r the words to the song a hidden message for the words FEEL GOOD INC?

ok first off, that is 2d on the windmill, one his hair is purple in both places, two he is singing along with himself, three look at his nose! his nose is squished up whislt noodle's is straight. four on his bio he did play the guitar a little bit but gave it up because he thought "screw it it's too hard."
i also think that the windmill solo is about 2d reflecting on his life, and i'm not really sure that the makers made the video to be symbolic but just to look cool.

lisa89: noodle is an 11 year old girl that arrived in a box from japan, it's true!

What the hell is a little girl doing in a band of full grown sorry... whats a little girl doing in a band with Murdoc!

I think it is noodle on the windmill....why wuld they leave noodle out of the video? When I first saw the video I just assumed it was noodles. If u listen 2 the music carfully you hear 2d singing the windmill, windmill, verse and there is also anouther, higher pitched voice singing along too...maybe its noodles(Or 2D again?). So that might explain why noodles(who I belive to be noodles) is singing on the windlmill along with 2D. I think Noodles represents 2Ds childhood and youth...or maybe it is just 2D. In the video the hair blanks out his eyes so u can't tell who it is...but the hair is purple and noodles does have purple hair.
After closer inspection of the video, i'm just confused now, it looks like a cross between noodles and 2D!!! i don't know.

Murdoc is scary in the Video.

First of all, it's flat out astonishing. Second of all, Noodle 14. She was 11 in 2000, when the band started. And it is Noodle on the windwill. On the first picture of of the person(which im am positive is noodle) you see the long dress socks that noodle wears when she has on a skert or shorts, and she also has somewhat of a figure.All so when the man in the jacket whith the fur hood is rapping, could it be Russel? the world(don't sue) will never know. And for Lisa89's question, the words "feel good" are what 2D said at the begining of the song. The Inc. part comes from the second set of rapping, not verse, when it's around the "Can't fight whith us, with yo sound we kill the INC. So dont stop, geit it,get..."part. I'am sorry if it's getting long, but first amendmit yo. Now for the real me. I think that the windmill symbolizes being free, or mabey the general person comensated as a threat that is what nothing of it's purpose. not to be liberated, much like the conquores "saving" all the poeple of that sort, but more like stopping a [threat] for the purpose of having being, reather than intention of having threat on to the master,god, or some thing of that sort. to dumb it down, windmill and 2D= nonconformest. Helicoptor and the "INC" are their prision, creating a general reality.and now that i'am out of good stuff, heres crap. if it were a soap opera, there would be high sexual tension betwen the boys in the INC and the misterius figure on the windmill. dear god, cant talk no more and i am not British, i think. End transcomunications.

i no what the video and song are really about. ok 2-d is the only one in the building that has not been brainwashed by the black guy, russel and murdoc just looked spaced. when 2-d looks out the window at the windmill he wants to be free, hence noodle sitting on the windmill playing guitar, being free.

wind mill wind mill for the land turn forever hand in hand

this means the windmill is their for the people who wish to be free

take it all in on your stride it is sticking falling down

this means if you want to be free you have to take the chance before its too late. hence it is sticking falling down.

love forever love is free lets turn forever you and me

he is at the free place with someone he loves and dosnet want to leave

i don't get why Noodle represents 2D sorry, i just don't get it! i just think that noodle represents freedom. never thought about her representing 2D. why do you think that?? sorry again, for being dumb!

ok, to clear up what i meant, i mean that why does Noodle represent 2D's "CHILDHOOD"? don't get why!

Um, if you can, why not email the gorillaz co producer? or even better the artist guy that does the videos?
that would clear up all the arguement about noodle and 2d on the windmill (someone should really do it then copy,paste the message on to their comment box) and sorry i dont know the email adress. but i'll try to find it!

sorry, i just don't know. i know, i know, i have soooo many questions! frogive me... i just "love" to make things diffcult...


isnt that a good idea?

point taken. arigato!

you should tell the other people that's talking about it what you told me. it's a good idea actually!

Dear krab monk, I like you, your funny. Yeah! Let's make a soap about "Fell Good Inc" and have people from another dimension come and offer everyone love potions and Noodle will be the only one to surivethe crazyness cause she'll be outside on the windmill watching the effects of the potions and be very entertaned! HAHA! Actully that's a good idea I should write it down (scrible) and zombie girl, If you know more than 10 words in Japaness would you please teach me? My self taught lessons aren't going very well.
Ciao for now ;>


ashia: let just say i won't be able to go to japan for a while....
the soap sounds more ilke a comedy to me (DAIJOBU! no offense)! DAIJOBU- it's ok. i can tell you that!!!
P.S. if you got lots to say about the soap, you can start a new subject to this story.(suggestion, once again)


From an 'official interview'--read it at:

2D: I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn’t get out of. Of excess and hedonism. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party’s got out of hand. It’ s become like the Last days of Pompeii….a…er…Sodding Gommorah. The Feelgood Inc Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I’m just waking up from this year-long hedonists dream, and I realise that maybe… the fruits of success have turned sour.

Noodle is outside of the Tower, in the pale morning-after light, sitting on the edge of this floating island. (emphasis And you can see she knows what’s happening. But people have to wake up to it themselves. So that’s what the video is about; being trapped by the things you make, and realising everyone else is caught up in it. Using it. Just…they need their party to continue, to keep this thing afloat. The Tower of Babel.

Murdoc: Apart from the obvious thing, which is my gyrating hips, the coolest thing about the video would be the the hydraulics on this gig. Just for the windmill section alone cost about 3.5 million pounds. That’s sterling. We had to buy a small island, make a mold of it and then scrape out all the insides. When that was done we filled the whole thing full of helium. Using the motor from the windmill we managed to get the thing to float, but it was an absolute bugger.

So that's settled. Now on to my question: When is Murdoc going to do some lead vocals, and what real-life vocalist would be best to perform that? Remember, he'd have a voice like a bucket of gravel being kicked down a hill...

kris said on 16. Sep, 11:10:

What do you mean by 2-D?

is it just me, or did that question have nothing to do with waht what was written above??

I'm confused

huh? i think i should hold my questions off for a while...


What's your question?

it's kindda stupid, and probably no one will know this, but why do they use the word "sticking"? i just don't get it. not in a hurry to figure that out.

i'm not quite sure what the chrous means....

Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Learn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Let's turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?

If someone could explain them to me, that would be nice.

if you scroll up, you can find it under 1232pm.


Ur all briliant!! Lovin everything ur all saying. Noodles was a bit young 2 b in a group but it wuldnt b as gd without her. I think we all established its Noodles on the windmill..shes the same in Dare.
Zombie girl, i amnot sure either y they say sticking...wat is sticking? At 1st i thought they sed "Kicking" or summit...coz they were "kicking the windmill." but i misheard the whole thing. So wat is sticking??
Evil night, yes sum1 should email "The people" who acually created Gorillaz...they could answer all our questions. Shame no1 can give us any email adresses.
Krab monk i think u funny also.


the thing is that, i don't know if "sticking" is really the word. i'm just seeing people type that up. first i thought that 2D was singing "kicking" too.

All hail me for I am good. Here are all the lyrics, don't know if there exactly right but there probaly pretty dran close, and I finally got the CD. MY LIFE IS NOW IN A DEPRISION AND COMPLETE!

Feel good, sh-shake it, shake it. (8x)

Citys breaking down on a camel's back.
They just have to go 'cos they don’t know whack.
So all ya fill the streets it's appealing to see.
You wont get undercounted, 'cos you're damned and free.
You've got a new horizon It's ephemeral style.
In a melancholy town where we never smile.
And all I wanna hear is the message beep.
My dreams, they got a kissin` cause I don’t get sleep, no.
Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Turn forever hand in hand.
Take it all in on your stride.
It is sinking, falling down.
Love forever love is free.
Let's turn forever you and me.
Windmill, windmill for the land.
Is everybody in?

Laughing gas, these hazmats, fast cats,
Lining them up like ass cracks,
Lay these ponies at the track,
It's my chocolate attack.
Shoot, I'm stepping in hotter this year.
Care bear reppin' it's harder this year.
Watch me as I gravitate,
We're going to ghost town,
This motown,
With your sound,
You in the blink,
Going bite the dust,
Can’t fight with us,
With your sound you kill the INC.
So, dont stop, get it, get it
Until you're cheddar heavy,
And watch the way I navigate,

Sh-shake it, shake it, Feel good. (4x)

Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Turn forever hand in hand.
Take it all in on your stride.
It is sinking, falling down.
Love forever love is free.
Let's turn forever you and me.
Windmill, windmill for the land,
Is everybody in?

Dont stop, get it, get it,
We are your captains in it (feel good),
Watch me gravitate,
Ahahahahahhaa (feel good). (2x)

Sh-shake it, shake it, Feel good. (4x)


it's either kicking or sinking. one or those. cuz i just didn't get what sticking had to do with anything...thanks!

hey evrybody i thought id clear this up but it is NOODLE on the windmill thing, NOT 2D ****cutie**** anyway it is NOODLE cos' on the new gorillaz poster her hair is purple and, 2D does'nt play guitar!!!

if you want to know more about GORILLAZ hed on over 2 and you can read latest updates, interviews and a history on the band. to Aisha those lyricks sound wright but im not sure...
by the way i LOVE 2D...he he he

well, that's cleared up....


Has any1 acually gone on a lyrics website to find the lyrics of Gorillaz feel good inc? That would see if it's KICKING, SINKING, STICKING etc.
Im loving DARE. Its gd to see Noodles is singing although she sounds more like a high pitched 2D. How old is she now?

Ok, ive gone on an official website for lyrics.

Windmill, Windmill for the land.
Learn forever hand in hand
Take it all in on your stride
It is sticking, falling down
Love forever love is free
Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?

Indeed it is STICKING. BUT WHY???

what does STICKING have to do with FALLING?? aren't they
opposite?! someone should find the co producer's email.....(like said above).

I love Feel Good inc...yeah but the lyrics are a bit weird..And i also love Dare!! But Damon Albarn is my neighbour and he is 2-D and maybe i can ask him what the lyrics mean when he is at home.- 2-D is my favorite..:P

Hey i have seen a picture of the women who is Noodels she is not 14 that is just the carecter in the band - there is a full grown women who is Noodels...
and yeah lisa 89 - in the Dare song i think that 2-D is a backround voice in it so that is propably why you think that it is him high pitced because you can hear him being a high pitched backround voice..:D

i just had a thought. the lyrics don't make sense when you listen to them forwards... what if you listen to them backwards?? maybe something like a subliminal message or somthing??

DARE??? is that a new film clip or something?

Dare is a song, and in the video you see Noodle prancing around her room in what looks like her pyjamas (and may I add she's one heck of a dancer). She's also singing the whole way through it.

Go to // if you want to see the video. I personally loved and I definately like the way she's aged. -Though I did originally think she'd be like bart simpson and be 11 for the next 15 years XD-

oh right thanks!

What's this?! My computer brakes down for 2 days and you all make revolusionary discovers without me?! The crule reality of this is is that I am totally dependent onthis thing so I can figrue out, more or less whats going on in the world around me. Aw screw it, WACK WHUMP SMASH CRASH THUD THRACK THRACK BANG STAB STAB STAB. Be bop bo bep (ring ring) Hello Alucard? Yeah would ya like ta come shoot somethen up for me? You'll be oveer in 15 seconds? Great, see ya then then. (hang up) Hmm hm hmm. Hello, there it is. BANG BANG BANG (shells hit the floor)Ya didn't have to bring silver bullets, it's not a vampire. Well anyway thanks for coming, see you next week for tea. I feel better now. Frist off did no one read that icelandic-girl one? She said she's 2-D's neighbour. Am I the only one who thinks that's cool! (boy am I crabby)And abot the sticking and falling thing, something was starting to stick but then it fell, it's that simple trust me.

that was just something that i suggested. which is parcially true.

WOW ashia calm down its just a computer?!
anyway i wonder what being 2D's (damon alibran)nabour is like???

Probaly pretty dull. He just a person ya know, although he can sing. OK so it's probaly pretty cool,and my computer deserved everything it got! My conputer is the eitimy of all evil and desvers worse than death but we can't kill cause then we'd be computerless, cause we poor. And besides Alucard came over and I gor to keep the empty silver bullet shells. I'm going to shell all but 1 on e-Bay and keep the last one for whorship. OH holy bullet that Alucard touched....I got an xanga site now and I'm gonna put some Gorillaz pictrues up latter. My user names vicemary, Check it out.

Acually it is not pretty dull ..! it is great! He is totally hot!especially in real pesrson.. ;) :*

Go on, go on. I'd love to hear more if your willing to tell me. (hehe)

you do not know how confused i am right now.....

Personally, I /think/ I understand... As someone said before, this is not right, nor wrong, just an opinion.

So, we have Feel Good INC. We start out with laughter by De La Soul and the mantra "feel good, sh-shake it, shake it". Ok, for one thing, 'shake it' is the universal party theme. Have you ever gone to a club and not heard a song with the words 'shake it' in them? I think not. I personally think De La Soul is making 2D repeat the mantra, so as he wont forget that the tower is the world he built for himself, the world that give you a high that supposedly never ends- the world of fame. Its a world of endless parties... well... sort of.

2D seems to finally realize that the party does end, and so takes up his megaphone and tries to tell everyone else in the tower that its over, that its ruined, that Feel Good INC doesn't feel so good anymore... and a few people pay attention.

Then the "all I wanna hear is the message beep"- and then theres a quiet beep. If anyone hasn't noticed, the first chorus sounds an awful lot like a prerecorded message. The message is the new mantra, the one 2D /wants/ to be saying. Its his dream; the windmill. Windmill, windmill, for the land is the mantra, by the way.

Then there's "learn forever hand in hand, take it all in on your stride"- the tower is about partying, getting dead-drunk and having a great time, whereas the windmill is more about taking things slowly- growing up, but tnot too quickly. The whole point of the windmill is to /not/ go to the tower- the tower of lost souls. In a sense. Its like the windmill is the typical child- which is why Noodle is there, because she's the epitome of innocence and childhood- she's not in the tower because she's not part of the tower.

But alas, the windmill is falling- and sticking? I think that means the windmill is falling to the city and sticking there, to infect the word with its love and happiness (-twitch-), but the windmill doesn't sink all the way... does it? Anyways, it is indeed falling. Not sticking, though. o.o

Notice the coppers chasing the windmill. Innocence itself is threatened by the media. I take the choppers to be the media instead of the police. Nya. Anyways, wouldn't you say that those choppers are the scouts for Feel Good INC- taking out al innocence so everyone can Feel Good? Nya.

De La Soul then steps in, saying that it isn't true( the magaphone bit), he's lying to himself, Feel Good INC is his world and there's no better world out there. Its basically a 'shut up and get back to work' bit. And so, the mantra continues. Feel good. Its also about 2D looking out the window, seeing the windmill... which De La Soul doesn't like.
There's also the "dont stop, get it get it"- which is another common one(like shake it).... Just saying.

When the windmill passes by, 2D watched almost hungrily, seeing Noodle and wanting that innocence that she, as a child, retains.

Then we have the fabulous Murdoc with the gyrating hips. :D

In the end, the windmill soars away... 2D accepts his fate, and the choppers continue chasing innocence, chasing it away from the city and away from the tower. So sad.

So, to recap:
The tower is the palace of fame, money, booze and sex Gorrilaz has built. Its called Feel Good INC because its a buisness that, if you work for them, makes you feel good. For a while, at least.
The windmill is the essence of innocence, which is why Noodle isn't in the tower- as a child (well, as a young girl) she's innocent and not as wrapped up in the partying aspect of music.
The chorus is basically saying that on the windmill, you grow was a normal person- taking it in on your stride, learning hand in hand- the innocent path that an innocent child takes when growing up. Love forever, love is free, lets turn forever, you and me- a need to find love, to find solace from the cruel world of Feel Good- a love that would carry one from Feel Good INC to the windmill, where all things good and holy reign. :D
De La Soul tells 2D that it cannot be done; and so he gives up, repeating the mantra "feel good", because thats what Feel Good INC is all about.
The choppers are chasing the windmill because they work for Feel Good INC- they're the media- and its their ploy to destroy all innocence and bring the world to either Feel Good INC or the city that worships them.
And Murdocs gyrating hips are just special. :D

Anyways, thats my two cents... Sorry for it being so long...

<3, Loche


lochelaine: bravo i couldn't have siad it better myself!

BRILLANT! BRILLANT! You are an absolute genius, way better than anything I ever thought. Where have you been all this time?

i don't think i'm old enough to get in a club... but this is the most logical thinking that i've read in this fourm! i luv this! brilliant!!!! :)*applause!!!!* lochelaine, you are just brilliant!!!! wonderful!!!
this at least made some sense!

i'm gonna ask another question:
noodle's b day is on october 31 1991. but people say that she's 14 right now. isn't 2005-1991= 14? doesn't that mean she'll be 14 in october?! i'm confused!!!!!! someone help me!
if she's gonna be 15 in october, don't you think that she's suppose to be born in 1990?

If I lived in a reality of sane people I'd say "IT"S A CARTOON! GET OVER IT!" But I don't, I live in a reality of crazies, so I will try to figure this out. Hmmm....Oct.15....91.....05.....1862.....................................................................................AWW! MY BRAIN IT HURTS! I'm terribly sorry but I can not think that hard, and I stink at math. Wait! Math, that's it!(snap) Post that problem on a math site and let the people who're smarter than me figure it out.

it's ok, you did your best. that's just what kinnda popped into my head when i was reading in a gorillaz paper. they had an argument about this......

why do you care so much it is not like she is is just a all know that there is no noodles right? i mean there is a women doing her voice..

first of all, i don't "care so much" about it. i just read it on a gorillaz paper!!!!! sheesh! just thought if would be fun to know if it was this way of the other!
of course i know she's not real!
relax! it's just a stupid math question!

First off, yes math is stupid, 2nd people people, please clam yourselfs. This is a website of peace and discussion, not of meanless argument. This is are place of sactuary, to get away from the evil of the preps that torment us day after day because we are werid and get better grades than them. Wait schools out...oh well ya get what I'm sayin right? Now get along, play nice, pretend the animated version of the gorillaz exists in an other dimension, and will the nice person who lives next to Damon Albarn/2-D please tell me of the preks of living next to a hot guy thats in a band. Oh and does anybody know if 2-D is related to Randy Newman?

it's ok, that wasn't fighting. i know math is stupid. and that was just something to talk about. it's what a forum is for, to talk about stuff.

Good, now that that's settled, really, does anyone know if 2-D is related Randy Newman? he sounds like him when he sings that one part of "Last Living Souls".

Sorry I havn't been here for a while.
lochelaine, yes thats brilliant what you said!
I think really the whole album is about how inoccent is being destroyed through modern life. Noodles basicly being brought up bu 2D, murdoc and russle, her inoccence is being taken her up 2 b a little rock chick. And yes, they are cartoons but they do bloody brilliant music!!! There is also a message to their music and each character represents different things in life that are very real.(inoccents etc.) Although they are not real we can still hear them. They have a creator, an overseer. In their crazy disfunctional world they are able to bring music that lights up my miserable is God who decides their fait...maybe we are all just cartoons!?

btw...Kids with guns..what does it mean by
"Is she real, is she (it's real)"?
Why do they keep going on about guns in all the songs?


hey im new here =-)


hey :D so all of the people here are gorillaz fans?? :3

i thought the lyrics to feel good inc. said "windmill windmill for the land -turn- forever hand in hand" o.o not learn, idk lol

hey! i dunno about the rest of u guys but im a complete 100% gorillaz fan!! I got 1 question though if Noodle represents inocence then what do the other 3 represent????
(Murdoc's pritty easy to figure out!)

Maybe Russle represents rap culture or summit like that. Murdoc is sex. 2D...i dunno what he represents....? Anyone?


2-D is the alternative!

what do u mean 2-D "is the allternative"????
my friend thinks that 2-D represents "frienship and freedom". What do you guys think????

i like toast and i LOVE MURDOC and 2-d isn't to bad ither but how is your fav?

Hey, sup all, im new to this place, im a very classical rock kind of guy, and usually i would be listening to zeppelin or floyd, or Emerson Lake Palmer, but for some reason, i really love this song, it makes me feel weird though, anyone esle get a weird somewhat depressing feel from this video, well anyway, i thought id say im starting to come around to the Gorillaz, sweet song, sweet video, just weird lol, peace


No actually i get a kinda high off it hehehehe

Wierd, i havent got this feeling since like pink floyds "Mother" or The Beatles "Elenore Rigby", i dont know how you get a good vibe lol, but whatever, still, sweet song, im still kind of confused as to the meaning, but amazing animation, album sounds hot lol, peace

i haven't herd that one but i love feel good inc did you no one of my friends she is like this huge gorilaz fan and she found that feel good inc has a hidden messege!
yeah right befor he sings abot the winmill he says.....' here my message beep' and then befor the mind mill it has like a tape recorder beep and the he sings the windmill thing! kewl hung!

i like toast..


toast is decent...

Livinlovinmaid: yes i do feel very depressed and also very happy when i listen to the music. I just end up crying...i way too emotional!
Considering Noodles represents inoccence she was shaking her boody alot in Dare....and considering there was a strange mans head in her bedroom she was really luvin it!
Ok, here is my theory...2D sings "turn forever u and me" noodles is already at the windmill and 2D wants to join her, yeh, and b with her and turn forever with her!? I say, give it a few more years when she aint so inoccent.....
mrshaberdasher: I like toast also. Toast is great. Toast 4eva.
I am really anoyed...i down loaded the album Demon days and now i just missed on all the bonus stuff from the acual album!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!
Ok, r u all guys from the USA? is this a world wide website?


i live in germany from England...i like TEA....tea with and an afternoon match of wonderful...rather.
Think about it tho...if Noodles and 2D have a baby together it wuld have the beautiful, angelic looks of Noodles... it wuld also b hot and have lush blue wuld b carefree, inoccent but with the crazy ass attitude of 2D..and a mix of Japanese and white ethnicity wuld look really gr8. lol...soz...totally off the point....
Icelandicgirl..Damon Albarn is her neighbour!? How can she say that so calmly? Shes so dam lucky! 2D is soo lush!
I really need to get a life and stop coming on this webpage so so sad....

Don't be sad, join the crazy comuity! Crazyes have more fun anyway. Just look at me, I worship manga & anime. I live in the US and I'm a girl (i say this because they ask if we were all guys from the US.) Personly I don't care for the US to much, Why? Because it's not Japan. I'M COMING FOR YA JAPAN! Anyway Lisa89, the only solution to your I can think to your problem is when you get enough money find out where he lives and buy a house real close to him.............................................................................................I'm sorry I'm really not trying to be a know it all i'm just trying to help. Oh and mrshaberdasher, I like toast to, epsecaly with Choclate surp^_& Yummy.
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:11:

Oh and I wanted to say something to livinlovinmaid, when i first head the albunm I became very dreppresed (spelled that wrong) but as I listen to it more and more it didn't seem so sad. It just one of thise things.

cool, good to see a lot of active members here

yeh thanks Ashia. Sorry im saying really crazy stuff but i figured that no1 use to know me, no1 knows me, they will neva know wat the heck!? Does DARE stand for summit? On the Gorillaz website they spelt it D.A.R.E. on several occasions.
Sorry guys if i ask really stupid questions that every1 knows the answer to....i just really dont know much about them...them being cartoons and all.
I really luv all the songs on their album (Except i cant see the dam bonus stuff!!! thats the best part DAMMIT!) White Light is understand it at all but its still gr8. Murdoc needs to sing a solo part, he probally cant sing very well but 2 lines cant do any harm....They will just have to bring out anouther album!
Toast is brillo with Marmite and a nice cup of Tea.

What's the bonus stuff?

i like toast still and i have a new like ready............................. i like FEET! :-)

i like shoes to they keep my feet warm ;-)

man i havent come to this site for.. a couple of days and alrady theres a bazillion more posts lol what is it with toast!! i like it too :-P i like 2D more <3 :) who here likes their song o green world??


I LOVE THAT SONG! I PRACTICLY WHOSRSHIP THAT SONG! I practicly whorship just about anything.....

Hey evrybody sorry i havnt been here for a while (french assignment,)anyways i'm unique im from AUSTRALIA!!!! its really boring though, and i much prefer CANADA but i guess its not so bad here...
mrshaberdasher: i have a friend who i think youll like....
what are all your fav songs on DEMON DAYS??? mine are; kids with guns, o green world, dirty harry.....and well almost evry song on the album. exept "fire coming out of a mokeys head", whats that about???

ok well i have to say that i like any song my best friend likes and any ones i've hered... so i've only hered kids with guns once and i like it! i love MERDOC and i live in aust as well and i love TOAST it warms my belly! ;-)

You guys say that it is in 2D and your right but i think that it would be cool if it was in 3D... or would that make thins too complicated...oh I don't know its just what I think...sorry if any one thinks that i'm dumb now for saying that(!?) Also, why are sone of you talking about toast... oh never mind me ...just being dumb again thats all. Ok so maybe i had a littel more time than I thought, oh well got to go now.
p.s. I hope someone will answer my question for me and tell me what they think.

bwuahah i worship the gorillaz :3 i like all their songs who brought up the toast thing?!?!? lol i think im the onli one here from florida...


I'm confused so I'm just going to ramble. Kare Kona is AWESOME! I got vol.6 But why Arima, why did you have to give into your hormons?! (weepweeepweeeeeeepa) ;_; I gotta finish reading this before it's due.

ok this has been buging me for a while but what does o.o mean??? sorry if thats a really stupid question but i just dont know!?.....
ashia: who's Kare Kona???
Anyways im not sure what this toast things all about but i love toast with promite!!

The 2 O's are eyes and the . is the mouth so ite's like 2 big eyes and a little mouth. Kare Kona is a wonderful book I read.

I MRS HABERDASHER LOVE TOAST anyways i like 2d but i think that he needs to grow some eyes! and i brought up the toast thing because i was eating it at the time and i was cold and it warmed my belly :-)!!!!!!!!!!!


im me hi
how r ya

i woz ere
ere i woz
woz i ere
yes i woz

hellooooo! wat i miss?...soz wait a sec (Scolls up and reads) Bloody computer work dammit!..ok...GOD, I LOVE O GREEN WORLD!, KIDS WITH GUNS AND DIRTY HARRY..all the songs are gd tho! 2D does need 2 get eyes, true, but these animators can do wat they want and i guess it makes him more mysterious?
lavenderlily, Fire coming out of a monkeys head rules!...true, i really am not sure wat its all about...but its still gd.
There is alot of Rap in da album... raps gr8 but none of then are dun by Russle (Im guessing since all the rappers sound different)..which is ashame. (I no in feel gd inc. Russle culdnt rap it coz De La soul is laughing at them in his rap.)
Ok, i pretty much understand all of Feel Good (yay!) thasnks 2 u guys....there is just 1 thing...
"My dreams, they've got to kiss, because I dont get sleep"
Y do his dreams kiss?? That makes as much sense and the windmill "sticking, falling down"!!
...ow yeh and in Every planet we reach is dead...i dont understand what its about? 2D says "I love the gun" the he says "I love you"..."What are we going to do?" about what?...why does he love guns and why does it keep himself from harm?? many questions!

yes the gorillaz lyrics... are a mystery... but if u guys figured out what feel good inc meant then we can figure out what they all mean right??! lol they do sing alot about guns in the album haha i <3 it... yeah why doesnt russel do any rapping?? it would be neat if he did... and i like 2Ds eyes the way they are lol :-P

i got another question: what's all the bonus stuff on the allbum??? ive got the album but there seems to only be songs on it!?!
anyways i love 2Ds eyes, there just 2D....

Hi evry1 I just sort of stummbled in here and thought id write somting...
I LOVE this song!! the bass is brillant (thanx 2 the fab murdoc!), the vocals are super and well the rest of the song is just way 2 catchy!!! for the film clip WOW!! Absolutly amazing!!
my fave songs on the album are.....well everything especialy WHITE LIGHT (its brillo for kareoke)
well got go ROCK ON!!!!!

ok. Soz i thought there was a lot of bonus stuff on the album coz i went on this website and it showed the album cover and back..on the back and below the lyrics it sed

Bonus DVD
The Swagg (I can't remembr what it sed)-Audio track
Feel good inc.-video
Feel Good inc.- Comentary from the band

and other stuff....but going into the shops and seeing the album there just is a blank space i guess there is no bonus stuff.
Damon Albarn has an amazing voice.....its really unusual which makes it great for a cartoon.

Again I ask Y do his dreams got to kiss!????

Go to


to see which member of the band you are. (I was Noodle!)
This website is so funni!

The bonus stuff is the stuff that comes wtih the DVD pack thing. All the album comes with is the music a sticker that says "Feel Good Inc from the iPod commerical" and some CD art. I wanted lyrics but it didn't get any! WAAAAAAA! Oh I don't know if i told anyone but I got an xanga. I while back I put some Gorillaz pics up. Right now theres a webcomic, just go to the bottom and keep hitting next5 till ya find the Gorillaz pics. Ya might need to create a user name and xanga to get in though. There cool pics though...


I want the dam Sticker! I will just av to go and buy it all then....
(I printed all the lyrics out from wuld b betta if the album acually came with lyrics anyway tho)

I think u've all done the "what band memer are you thing!"...and there I was thinking I was being nice and giving everyone something to do....
Ashia, u were 2D right? or im completly insane and went to the wrong place!

lol i took that test a whilee ago im 2D <3

well i would like him better if he had some EYES!!! :-)


he does have eyes, they just black....i guess. The animators made him like that 4 a reason. They all have strange eyes...i think Murdoc is the only one with pupils..hes the scariest one of all!

Obtained from //
The story of Gorillaz is a characteristally messy one. Saturday Boy Stu-Pot, a keyboard obsessive and nice kid dullard, is the star employee at Uncle Norm's Organ Emporium, on course to make regional manager. But then comes a Saturday to end all weeks (just like a Sunday, but with shopping).
Murdoc, with his nasty bad boy crew, ramraids the shop in a tatty Vauxhall Astra. His plan: to seize the synths and form a chart topping band with the booty. He drives... SMASH!... through the shop window and... SMASH!... into Stu-Pot's head, fracturing his eyeball. Result: 30,000 hours of community service for Murdoc, plus 10 hours every week of caring for the vegetabilised Stu-Pot.
Soon, Murdoc's rotten driving skills again force life to take a different turn. While attempting a 360 doughnut spin in Nottingham's Tesco carpark, he catapults Stu-Pot through the windscreen and into a kerb. Stu-Pot's other eye is fractured, his mind is revived and he stands a young, black eyed god, with hedgehog hair and a vacant stare. Not only that, but his synth playing takes a serious turn for the weird.
Perfect pop material. Stu-Pot is renamed 2D (because he's got two dents in his head). Now Murdoc needs a drummer.
Rewind a few years. In New York State, Russel, a middle-class kid, is forced out of his posh private school due to his being possessed by a demon. He lies in a coma for four years, until an elaborate exorcism sets him free. Russel joins Brooklyn High, where he falls in with a group of talented street musicians, rappers and DJs. Hip-Hop saves his soul. For a time. A random drive-by shooting kills all of his friends and as Russel, the lone survivor, lies in a state of shock, the spirits of his chums invade his body, turning Russel's eyes a spooky white and giving him amazing drumming, rapping and general hip-hop skills.
His parents move him to England, where they hope he'll have the chance of a quieter life. They hadn't reckoned on Murdoc, who tracks Russel down in a Soho Rap Record Store. Now, all the fledgling group need is a guitarist. They place an ad in the NME. The day the ad is published, a Fed-Ex'd freight container is delivered to their door. Out jumps a small Japanese person carrying a Les Paul. She jabbers at them incomprehensibly, before launching into a riff to end all riffs, rounding it off with a hi-karate jump. The boys are speechless. Noodle has one word for them. It is Noodle.
Gorillaz are born, and signed amidst the mayhem of their very first gig. Such is the way legends are created.

So that is why they r all crazy and have weird eyes! Although, Murcoc was the only 1 that started crzy to begin with.

Okay,first off,all apposing feel good at least second best of the great Gorillaz songs is paranoid of people,and there thirst 4 being the #1 Gorillaz fan.I think that 19-2000 soal child the overall best song remaid by Gorillaz.And by the way "lisa 89",2-D is the coolest of all the Gorillaz,BY VOTE.noodle may be cool,but 2-D is much cooler,with his laidback,drunken state of mind.No I am not not obsessed with Gorillaz,well mabey I am,but a word of cation goes out to you all,IF YOU IMITATE BEING THE NUMBER 1 GORILLAZ FAN HE WILL STRIKE!I dont mean 2 sound like an ego maniack,but it is hard 2 defend my title!and we all know how Gorillaz were born LISA 89!Spread the word that I voodo213 am the #1 Gorillaz fan!

ha. funny ha. keep claiming that mister :) im sure theres alot of people that claim to be # one gorillaz fans :) lol we all are fans really if u think about it no 1 can be #1 fan i mean theres like a 956789253545564564 (ok not that much)people who are fans, what makes u think UR NUMBER ONE BWUAHAH ok being mean :X but just SUPPORTING and liking the band is great enough!! iknow for a fact that i am a fan :D and im perfectly happy with my place lol :P


P.S.S: lmao i was reading something and what the heckk are the lyrics to their song punk?? they had this thing that had like 347538 entries of lyrics.. er... what they were guessing it was... its a good song just dont know the words :)

P.S.S.S: who here likes their song call ghost train?? >)

i change the subject like 50 times...

ok i'll change the subject I LOVE TOAST!!! how's wif me?
anyone... dust anyone no dust anyone no dust anyone no DUST!! and if you don't get that its off VEREY little britten! WATCH IT SATURDAY NIGHTS 8:30
PLZ IT IS FUNNY AS.... and the glass house and rove live and spiks and speks! WATCH THEM ALL AND THATS AN ORDER!!!PLZ

ok, first of all.....VOODO213...erm...thanks for that, I didnt mean to upset you....i dont think i am the Gorillaz no1 fan, I just love their music i dont no the 1st thing about em!...its just everyone was saying how they didnt like 2D's eyes n were freeky n stuff and i got the impression they didnt no y, I dint mean to insult ur intelligence and knowlege of the Gorillaz.
Also...i think 2D is way cool...when did i say he was not?
EEESH! SOORY IF IM SO THICK AND I SAY REALLY STUPID STUFF THAT EVERYONE KNOWS!!!...(I really good at doing that and its the only thing i can do!)
PLZ! CAN WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!..I dont want to find i am also h8ed world wide!
Sorry...bak to toast...toast is lush....soz but i dont like little briton that much but i must say the "any1 no1 dust" bit is the best!! Its really gd but i dont watch it anymore, mayb i will watch it again...toast is better than dust tastes nicer.

angelinwaitin030, yes Kids with guns will take ova, im with u on the one!

Sorry lisa89,I am known 2 be prety hard on people,and was a bit,well a lot of a maniack.Yes we "CAN ALL JUST GET ALONG".plz dont take what i said personally!and tell me if i ever come off 2 hard again.and i dont really think yer thick,i hardly know u!

AND I 2 LIKE TOAST!!!iz soooo gooooooooooooooood!


angelinwaitin030,goastrain iz ok,but it iz kind of wierd,and lisa89,i would like yer oppinian on yer faveorite gorillaz song,unless you dont want 2 tell me after wat a jerk i waz,and 2 some of you hoo have a problem with 2-D's eyes,i think not having them makes him look kooler than if he had eyes.and i think kids with guns will all become incarserated in frozen carbonite!little BASTERD GET OUT OF MY ROOM,oh wait is this still on,no matter.I know a cool website and am being paid 235 dollors a month to spread the word about it,so its WWW.EBAUMSWORLD.COM,on that website i reccomend FLASH ANIMATIONS on the < side of the i am sorry 4 being rud 2 anyone in this fan,GORILLAZ RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voodo213 Appology accepted..u b a maniac if u wanna! If life wasnt full of crazy ass, funky maniacs then we wuldnt have things like the Gorillaz.
I just love Kids with guns (The tune, the lyrics just soo brillo! and the fact kids with guns will take ova!) O green World (Its just so orriginal, and even if its not its got a gd meaning to it {I like the whole deep and meaning ful songs}) Dirty Harry (The little Kiddies singing! Need I say anymore) of course Feel Good Inc. (As disscused all of above!)...I do like the simplicity of White Light..and Dare is just a feel good song that i love. But they aint half as good (Well acually they r more than half about 9/10 of, but its a saying so go along with it!) as Clint Eastwood and 19-2000 frm their first album (Ow look there i am again saying things that ppl already no. Of corse its from their first album where else!?).....They have so many amazing songs....they all gd i cant pic 1!
2Ds eyes r lush...He wulda just looked too normal with normal eyes and all....if only he were real.
Kis With Guns will take ova!
I am really hyper (Not high, coz drugs r bad say NO to drugs!)...there must b summit in the water...or mayb even in the TOAST!?., gonna go eat sum toast.

i gess i was being a lil mean too :( sorry bout that :) lol i started a rammpage with the whole kids with guns will take over which THEY WILL!! every1 here should all form together and be in a club called K.W.G (kids with guns >D) lol im evil O:) ahh i had toast for breakfast b4 school!! the demon days cover thats on their new cd (durr lol) it has 2D with normal eyes... if u look at it, i think its cute :) <3 but i tottally love his black eyes lol it would just be too weird and unorigional <-if i spelt that right-if he had normal eyes... i really like their song... latin simone not the spanish one lol :) i think its good... and ugh i still dont know the lyrics to punk!! grr
lol i like that K.W.G idea :) :D "is everybody in??" lol :P

ok what about the song... sound check? <3<3 any1 here liek that one lol

toaster toasty toast!!

there i go again with changing the subject 5000 times -.-;;

omg u know what would be AWESOME?!??! if the gorillaz made a TV SHOW!! heckk yeah that would be amazing lol plus probably reallyyy really funny :) or do they already have one?!? AHH i havent watched tv in a billion days!! help me!!! eh.. whatever that would be cool wouldnt it??


I love the song Sound Check!...I say that about every song, that i love em!? Its weird (I like weird)...something about gravity and how it neva lets him just float away. I dont get who sings the first part of the song.
I noticed it too...with 2D having eyes on the front of the album cover. Spooky.
I dont think the Gorillaz have a TV show. It isnt on in England anyway. Im totally lovin the wuld b awesome! I wuld totally watch it..dunno wat it wuld b about tho.
*K.W.G wooo hooo!*

I 2 wish that Gorillaz would become a tv show,or they could at least make some music vidioes for songs like 19-2000 or,gravity!I really like bacon,and toast iz soooooo gooooood!!!and I appretiate you accepting my appology lisa89,most people,including myself find me 2 b a pscotic lunitic.I once boroke my invisible X-friends ribcage because he called me a wimp who cldnt fight my way out of a wet paper bag,but that waz long ago,I am much calmer now.If it were up to me,Gorillaz would be constantly aired on fox whith no reruns or commercials!if it EXISTED!!!!THOSE SELFISH HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERES! THEY MAKE MY SICK,THEY CAN GO FALL IN A DEEP HOLE FULL OF RADIOACTIVE SLUGE,THE PUTRID DIRTBALLS OF INFURNAL GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What the @$%*do they want us 2 do BEG?because im willing 2!!!When Gorillaz new albumb comes out,i plan on waiting outside the record company with a baseball bat 2 steel it when Gorillaz agents leave the building!!!But who here can say they wldnt do the same thing?


I had no clue you lived in england lisa89,how is it?!

Hey im "voodo213"'s is compleatly meaningless other than the fact that Gorillaz haz a few gothic songs,like feel good inc,and gravity,in fact,Gorillaz iz the only reason i want 2 stay alive.and lisa89 my broter is not really gorillaz #1 fan,I am!Infact,I base my entire existance on it!I dont mean 2 sound mad at u,but my brother is a reatard,(i mean this in a nonmental way,way,but he iz sosialy inept,the stupid basterd!I mean he haz an invisable friend 4 God sakes!!!

X-friend you drug crazed linitic,i am not sosialy ineped,i have 12 friends you itiot!!!wtf do u have againts me anyway?!I just got dumped by cristina,the last thing i need iz you and your stringy purple hair and pale skin to criticize my and my being the #1 Gorillaz fan!!!sure you may base yer life on them,but you've only heared 3 of there songs you brainless psyco!!!!!!!

First of all,I dont do drugs,I smoke,and second,ive heared 4 gorillaz songs you dooface!!!DARKNESS WILL DEVOWER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!wat,i thought u were upstares!! no not the crowbar!!hjglxcnb;ouieau kfyu 4389 y45653vcbsukhuo HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok, sorry to interupt your little thing going on here.
Voodo213, England is pretty good...i dont get y ppl think its rains all the time here, its not raining now... n im still inside on my computer.
Deathcloud213 im sorry that you feel the only gd thing in life is Gorillaz.
Although i cant realli complain about my life, life does seem rather crud if there were no Gorillaz.
And i dont give a dam who thinks they r Gorillaz no1 fan. Although i do give Voodo full credit for wanting to stand outside the record company with a baseball bat to get the album first.
(only a true fan wuld want to bat down all the people who helped make the album.)
R gorillaz bringing out a third album? I hope they r...i cant live with the harsh realities of life with them!!!
They just av to have a TV show can be called.....i dunno..."The Gorillaz show?"...ok thats y im not going into show business...i cant even think of a gd name for a show!

err what the heck... yesterday i tried to come to this site but it said that it had been deleted or something... i was crying lol im pathetic but everyone here is cool :) anyways now that the site is working... - lol ! what else would the call it tho?? "the gorillaz show" haha i can see me right now sitting in front of the TV and looking for it on the channels lol i think i have heard somewhere that they ARE going to come out with a third album.. i hope they do at least :) RAWR ef the standing in front of the record company with a bat id go in SPY STYLE and sneek around find the boxes with the CD's in them.. and steal them... for ALL K.W.G members!! bwuhahaha >D or id just stand along side with... voodoo213 with a pitchfork and a torch or gun SHOTGUN!! >D :) lol - now i dont know - if this is tru but i was reading something online (i kno not everything online is tru but im jus saying) i heard from somewhere that the gorillaz might be making a movie?? heck that would be the only movie i would watch lol oh btw evry1 i like to draw pics of the gorillaz and im really good lol (NOT TO BRAG im not a bragger) but yeahh.. i was in school and like 8237248346 people wanted to see my drawings they were all gorillaz fans! i was like ahh! and they all started singing feel good inc and i didnt even kno these kids lol funneh :3 :D ok being random and bored AND BOTH OF U voodoo213 and deathcloud213 lol NO FIGHTING :) that will be all :D

K.W.G 4lyfe~!~!~!~

i thought 2D sung the first part of sound check o.o cuz u kno how his voice can get all high and stuff... idk?? i may be wrong

oh and voodoo213 :) they already have a music video for 19/2000 hun lol

OWW! my brain hurt! theres just 2 much to read so i will just write anything. The same thing happened 2 me yesturday the site was blocked or somting... but its all good now. so theres no bonus stuff then DAMN!! hehehe got 2 go for now.

but i want to have a fight wif some one i havent ever on this chat line :"( and i like toast to and i also like shoes no one was wif me on that one Y NOT???
anyway... i have noticed in the song FEEL GOOD that it si a veary depressing song anyway... lisa89 why are you h8ted? and i'll be friends wif you and i don't even no who you are???? i live in aust. anyway... tlk to me!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

yay new KWG members :D!!!!!! lisa89 isnt hated???... and and and mrs haber dasher ma bobber person im with u on the toast thing im sure everyone here is lol :P new to the site and i am a gorillaz fan myself.i really just like 2D mostly.

Hello 2Dfan...this site is the best im sure ur love it!
I hope they do bring out a wuld b totally weird and make no sense.
Gorillaz HAVE to do a third album.. or ppl will b outside the record company with pitch forlks, baseball bats n stuff demanding more songs.

Mrshasberdasher, Ok I love shoes and toast! r gr8 especially when they pink, lol.
Angelinwaiting, I tried to draw pics of gorilaz 2..i culdnt do it! Drawing pics of Gorillaz was suprisingly sure ur pics look pics more like i had a fight with my en or summit.

K.W.G 4eva! Wooooo!

Third album, movie and Tv show has to happen!

Hurm...looks like there was gonna b a movie but its been ditched!

"Plans for a Gorillaz movie have had to be reconfigured after stars Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett decided Steven Spielberg's production company Dreamworks didn't understand their concept."

I think it ws suppose to be released in 2004. Y the hell they have to "not understand thier concepts!?" I was looking forward to their movie...looks like it probally neva gonna happen. %$£* $@$& %&*% @$&$#&*%* %)$~@%£& !

AHHHH THOSE @#*($%&#$%#%#$(%&#$(%&#$%$(#$!!!!!!!! GRRRR OF COURSE ITS GONNA BE WEIRD BUT THEM LOSERS AGHH GRR i cried when i read that im so pathetic lol i really wanted them to make a movie... TIME TO GRAB THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES

im married to 2D :)

okk GRR lol bbakk after school


Im sure the movie wulda been really was gonna b called the "Celebrity Harvest" or summit like that.
*grabs pitch fork* ...Dam STEVEN SPIELBERG!
..they shuld just take their movie idea to anouther movie producer.
I wuld have no1 to go with to see the movie anyway, no1 i know likes Gorillaz at all.
Angelinwaiting030 dw,ur not pathetic 4 crying.
Ah well at least the Gorillaz show isnt completly out of the question..there is still hope there.
K.W.G :) (Wat does the KWG group acually do?)

Congratulations for your marriage to 2D..i hope u 2 r very happy togather and have lots of kids.

ok...... settel down there nooby i have a secret for all of you! i herd along the grape vine that they are thinking again to have a movie and it looks promessing;-)
so shhh don't tell any one.

*Puts pitch fork down* Well lets hope so!

Wow, its been a long time since I've come here.

Anyways, I was called a genius and now I feel all smart and stuff. :D

Feel Good INC is the only Gorrilaz song I've ever heard ever, save Clint Eastwood, but I heard that like four years ago in a shoe store, so that doesnt count.


This whole "Kids With Guns" thing sounds interesting. I'ma check it out. And then I'll post again and be called a genius a couple more times. w00t!


well thank u for the compliment lisa89.but i scorlled up and you guys were talking about the album and thing with
"kids with guns"thing.well i thought it somethig to our own realite,something to with the kids with all these problems these days.

wat r the pitch forks and the thing with bats,i can understand the they bring out more songs yeah i totaly agree.

omg lol AHH they better make a new movie >) im gonna see it 34785634865345837456378465837563875683 times yes i will!but im just gonna have to make sure they do make it *holds up a pitchfork* lol lisa89 i would FLY to ENGLAND and watch the movie with u! i need money tho lol but if i was strong enuff i would SWIMMM there and watch the movie with u :P and um... the point of KWG is to um.. ... ... its a club u get it... with no point just a rad name no its meant for BURNING DOWN ANTI GORILLAZ PEOPLE AND waiting with pitchforks and all sorts of goodies and forming angry mobs until they give us what we want lol :D :) oh and mrshaberdasher where did u hear that they might make the movie again?? lol i want ANSWERS !!! *slams pitchfork on the ground then picks it up again* this is the time where KWG needs to take ACTION and form the angry mob :) im so insane i love it <3 bwuahaha


well i have no clue wat your talking about,but if anybody asks i like makeing things hard.

if any one wants to know you can go WWW.GORILLAZ.IT

i've listened to the gorillaz music but i didn't realize how much meaning they had until now and im new to this but i'll give it a shot

i didn't feel like reading the rest of the comments to see if this was answered but when this 2D character says "my dreams they've got to kiss because i dont get sleep", I think he means he has to kiss his dreams goodbye because he gets no sleep due to his partying lifestyle ruining himself

hope that made sense i don't feel like proofreading

btw you guys were saying when 2D is on the megaphone he gets a few people to get up and follow him

the only people i see moving are Murdoc and his biatches

where are the people that hear what he is saying him and start to follow him

theres de la soul or however u spell it

i think he got mad when 2D tried telling everyone that the party is over on his megaphone so like lochelaine said :) its the shut up and get back to work bit.. he listened


and how he was talking about the windmill he didnt like that
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:11:

unless im wrong idkk??

that seems odd,but you know that has a very good piont though.i just dont understand how you kiss your dreams goodbye,because i have day dreams all the time(about the Gorillaz).unless cartoon charecters dont have dreams,or if what to call them anime people.but tehn if you look up 2D biograhpy,they say he has a blank peice of paper were a brain should be(and that he's 28 years old).anyway i really dont know why noodle is in house of guys over twenty years old.Murdoc is 38,Russel is 26,and 2D above.



Ok...mpa91589, yeh i think you idea on his dreams kissing is right. he kisses his dreams goodby coz he cant have any dreams coz hes trapped in a tower with no contol not even with his dreams, it all makes sense i guess?!
I only just realizes..but Noodle doesnt look at all japanese in Feel Good INC? She is all pale?..where has her glowing, youthful skin gone?
2dfan, i do not know why she is in a house of over 20s..n with a guy that wants to sleep with any female he meets.
In a interview she does say that she likes it coz its like having three older brothers.(well two older brohers and Murdoc)
I dont care if 2D has paper for a brain he is still lush!
Lets just hope the movie is gonna happen..they had already been working on it for 2 years b4 the ditched it so they cant waste 2yrs work can they?? CAN THAY!?
I cant write anymore replys to anymore messages coz there is too many!
angelinwaitin030..thanks 4 wanting to watch the movie with me!..i wuldnt suggest swimming to England, youll b pretty tired after.
KWG rok on!

lol np ^.^ and i know they shouldnt throw 2 yrs of work away!! on this fan mail thingy for the gorillaz i sent them an email asking if they were going to make the movie nd if not make a show lol :D
everyone looks sorta freaked out in feel good inc. like 2D looks worn out and tired idkk why noodle looks that way?? maybe since shes getting older her youthful self is fading away?? or just the fact that its the feel good inc video and they made her look that way lol idkk? ok back to school for me u.u

KWG heckaa yes!!

Yo,voodo213 here,I am positivly sure that Gorillaz will have a 3rd albumb!I saw it on ebay,Gorillaz Demond Dayes.I had My brother have 2 go 2 the hospital again,never learnes a dam thing from his mistakes!lisa89,the thought of rain and how little or how much you have makes me want 2 move 2 england,i get way 2 much here in alaska !I forget where,but I herd that tere will be an adition 2 the Gorillaz,his name is Blurr,he is supposed to look like 2-D's brother on the covor of demondayes,but i'll bet its all a lie,and if it is...ywernct0247cn09278sjr90340mc2n9my0x7y918yc790!!!!!swimming in england makes you tired faster?how so?


im using the hospital computer 2 write this,everyone in this room is a moron!!!me,voodo213,lisa89,angelinwaitin,everybody!!! the idea of a gorillaz fan club is GAY,this is all cockypop,err,watever that word is!you will all become slaves 2 technolagy!!!Fools,im trying 2 save you!

Who asked your oppinion misserable FAG,you have the apperace of a tiered zombie 4 crying out loud!!!why dont you whare some colord clothes and bathe you prick!!!if our fate is "so horibble",then let us deal with it,i mean,were not you,so why do you care about us?we ar not morons!!!the only reason people hang around you iz cuz u practically bathe in "aqua velva"...get a job!!!that might give you a nother reason 2 stay alive!!!now im asking you nisely,please stop offendig us,we were having a good time,until you came and ruined our mood with your adittude!!!who's with me?

WOW!evereone here seemes so upset,oh well,thats life!Who here besides me likes noodle,I would hate 2 b tha only 1!voodo213,im with ya,i am not a moron,my car dealer siad so!I just realised that there is a lisa89 in here,thats so cool!

Hello Lisa90, I like u lots already!
Voodo213, deathcloud213..peace and love people!
Voodo213, I sed swimming TO england will make u tired..NOT swimmin IN england!
Deathcloud213, I appreciate the fact u r trying to save us from becoming slaves to tecnology but if u dont like the idea of a Gorillaz fan club u shuldnt b here!
Lisa90, I like Noodle 2. I want to b Noodle, lol, Noodle has such a cool life.
KWG!..will take ova!

yes there must be peace here! theres no point in fighting =-) and whoa lisa90 and lisa89! thats rad!
deathcloud213 = ANTI KWG MEMBER AHH BURN HIM... err i just said no fighting.. =x O:)... and im not a moron

lisa90 and 89:: yess! noodle is my 2nd favorite and 2D is my first then comes murdoc and russel lol i would like to be noodle too!! bwuhaha a gorillaz life would be rad =-)

and yes KWG will take over!! lol i already have like... people in my school in that club thing lol this is REALL >) ok i kno this might be a personal question but how old is every1 here cuz i dont kno if im the youngest lol im 13

Im 15..(16 soon!). tho i sumtimes act like a bloody 10yr old! (Born in 1989..hense the name lisa89)Its all about the age u feel inside. I do like 2D the best Noodles is totally adorable. When they gonna bring a new music video out? wat song will it be?

ahh thats neat :) hey everyone i have great news!!

Noodle: Pah! I am not concerned with talk. My time is more valuable. I am already busy demo-ing for the Third Gorillaz album. Then this trilogy will have its conclusion.

looks like theres gonna be a 3rd album folks :)

they should make a music video for... demon days cuz durr thats their album name lol make a video for it!


Thats gr8! Cant wait for their third album...thnxs 4 finding that out. I just hope they will make albums for years to come!

i know i cant wait either!! yeah. it would be dissapointing if they quit :'( since theyr such a great band and all - ahh i shuldnt think like that! what am i saying the gorillaz will go on FOREVERR!! just like KWG!

well i think the answer for all questions lies within the charecters.take 2D for an example,what must people are going to end up like(me).noodle,the future and that there still time to change.murdoc,the very end of line,when theres nothing to do in your life anymore,and last but not least russel,the person who knows what death feels like.(as in the bio his friends that killed in a drive by shooting.)oh and lisa89 i think 2D is am just saying thats what it said.oh deathcloud213,hey if we are going to be slaves to tech,why arent we now.its been around for a long time,and your not trying to save us,your taking are lifes away.

this is gonna be funny


if u despise the gorillaz so much yy u even on here?? and if ur jus tryin to pull our legs then it aint funny cuz i get really violent when people turn down the gorillaz - u fool KWG will pwn u for DISSING DEMON DAYS!! do u see me laughing right now?? noo its not funny mr mpa91589 maybe to urself but if u laugh about dissing the gorillaz then u aint a gorillaz fan EAT THE BULLET OF KWG U FOOL!!!



and 2D is sexyyy <3 <3 he is my love<3

*growls at mpa91589* grrrr.... enemy...

i swear when it come s twod you guys forget about the band,got to go my best friend that acts like murdoc is about to turn INTO A REAL TWOD.

hey, you had it comin =) hello pplz. here to nose into her buisness..naturally. new to this and this band.. love the music and hope to find out more.....


mpa91589, Get a life!
Yes, 2D is sexy. I wish Murdoc wuld stop beating him up tho.
I have to go right now...wish i could say more...


(take fourth my minuans flees shal rule the world* takes out wallett wif photo in it kisses it and a single tear falls*
my only flee children, go fourth and rule the world!) now i'm behind all of the other guys here if you don't like the album or the music they play the GET OUT because i love the gorillaz! >:-(


I think we scared him away, lol,

heh, wanted to see what happened

you people are angered too easily, i like the gorillaz, i just don't particularly like the rest of the album that much, nothing to get mad about

settle down... lol

its just my opinion, i was seeing if anyone thinks feel good inc was the best song on there or not


soooo.... let's keep the GRRRR's to a minimum, shall we?

p.s. i have a life ty very much, idk what KWG is, but they sound like an angry bunch

Gorillaz isnt every1s style, bt ther is no point coming on here if u gonna bad mouth them.
I didnt like all the songs to begin with on their album, but now i love them all!
Feel Good inc is one of their better song, i agree with u there.
I felt like "GRRRR"ing...but i shall try to keep it to a minimum.

KWG = kids with guns, who we will eventually rule the world

and why didnt u jus say: who here thinks feel good inc is there best song out of all of the demon days songs? instead of bad mouthing the them?



ok ill try and be nice >< (-twitch-)

hey everyone (some of u might already know) but i got another email from the gorillaz fan thing and murdoc is stealing 2D's stuff from his room and selling them on ebay lol its crazyy hes selling like... some pot thing from his room for 50$$?? i was like hmm.. wow but AHHH its was in 2D'S ROOM!!

and flees scare me o.o;;

Yeh i heard about that. He sold summa 2Ds shoes as well and he was selling crayons 2. He gonna make loadsa money from it all!
Ild totally buy the stuff belonging to 2D!..if i was signed up to ebay..... and if i has sum money. My plan seems to be deeply floored.
Murdoc is so cruel. Im sure 2D had a very powerful sentimentaly attachment to his highly prized and
We shuld try and b nice...

lol murdoc is so evil 2D's probly like.. where is all my stuff going? yeah i would buy it too! i need money also tho lol and an ebay account so were the same :)

my mistake lisa 89,i dont catch on very quickly.lisa90,and lisa89,what a coincedence!Deathcloud213,or Jake just seems 2 have a personality that gets underneath my skin and it realy bugs me,but him being my brother,i guess i can try 2 compromize.and mpa91589,I completely agree with everyone else,yet as lisa 89 sayes,"PEACE AND LOVE"But what do you mean by "pot lisa89,surly you dont think 2-D does drugs?(do you)?Ive been missing out,so someone please fill me in!!!ya know,my friend sam has actually met 2-D!!!And i heard from a very reliable source,(police)that i will be arrested if i ever say that thing with the beating gorillaz agents again,

but i dont care,and i feel i mangle myself,But there is only a slight chance that i will,still ill bet nobody cares. but only a person who cares will find out why,the rest can just watch it on the news!

VOODO213!!!I care,DON'T DO IT,THEY WILL,I know it!!!

it might happen,but i dont know!!!,so much stress!!!thay might not not do it!!!!!!!!

But if it doesent work,its not,the end of the world,how bad are you going to hurt yourself anyway?


OHH SO YOU WANT ME TO MANGLE MYSELF!!!!!!!?because i will!!!

NO I DONT!!!I WANT 2 HELP,lisa89,Deathcloud213,angelinwaitin,sombody help me out!!!

I dont care what he does,hey how come the 3 of us are alwayes here at the same time???

WTF MAN!!!why cant you just be nice 2 me???now i really want to maul myself!!!


dude seriously... hurting urself is not the answer trust me... i went thru a suicidal stage and learned from it its not the answer u shuldnt do that

and lisa89 wasnt talking about the drug pot... murdoc stole a POT like pottery

I have no idea what the hell is going on...i will need to re-read this all.....Please each other!


Gorillaz will never,they cant!!!


me too! Voodo..what eva ur doing, dont do it!

yeah what she said!! dont do it!!

Is Voodo213 still there!? I dont get what is going on..but i liked the little fella, i dont want to see him do summit stupid!

there is no need for arguements here also

yea same here who is still on here?


well im here obviously

lol durr but like everyone else was here but they left

i really hope he didnt do anything stupid

Crazy...they have a massive fight then leave! i dont even no what the hell it was about.

same here they jus started argueing bout sumthin

hey lisa89 do u have AIM? or aol? or some sort of messanger thing lol

I have MSN messenger..i have an Aol 1 but i dont have a clue how 2 use it


haha whats ur msn name thingyy i have no clue how to use msn lol but ill try

Im changing my MSN thing at the mo....i will give u my name ASAP!

alright! sounds good


Ok, my MSN name is I hope it works i only just changed my MSN. I think u have to have MSN to instant message me. Add me any1 who wants to.

ok i missed a few things this weekend,i listening to my demon days cd so if any body notices anything spelled wrong ,it aint my murdoc selling twods stuff on ebay.i he'll make some money off of that.i swear sometimes i wonder why does twod think that murdoc saved his life.(?)so he's selling a pot,or is it pot.(i dont think twod does drugs i just heard rumors).oh yeah spiritrunners my friend(she likes murdoc,and acts like him
to)she says that i act like twod,and picks on me,and beats me up all the time.but yet i stay around her i dont know why.last night i swear she almost made me twod(with a hammer)scary friend uh.yeah i hang around with my friends that act like gorillaz.

I missed you all so much. (weep weep) Why can't you all go to my school and make me feel normal? I'm never going to band camp angain! It's evil! Evil live evil live. Anyway just for the heck of it I'm going to scream WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?! And what happened to the Voodo guy? Is he Ok? He was my friend even though he has no idea who I am. WAAAA! I don't want him to be dead everyone in my life keeps dieing! He was so cool! He was from Alsaka but that didn't keep him away from the Gorillaz! WAAAA! Please please be Ok....... Oh and Drae is going to be on TV Tusday Aug.16 on MTV2. Did anyone know the Gorillaz got nominated for 2 VMA's? I missed you guys so much. ;-;

P.S I agre with every thing everyone has said. And i start a KWG blog on xanga, though I'm the only member so far. I'm all alone theres no one here beside me, but you gotta have friends.......boy I am weried.


lol i started a KWG thing too on my myspace... i should do it on my xanga too or make a seperate xanga just for KWG... i love my inventions<3 lol I LEADER OF THE KWG SHALL LEAD... ALL KWG MEMBERS TO RULE THE WORLD BWUHAAH
yeah im really worried about voodoo too... i really hope he didnt do anything i was crying (i get real emotional when people try to hurrt themselves lol) ahh i hope hes ok!! just pray for him people...

ashia whats ur xanga name??


yeah. im gonna make a KWG xanga site for all of u guys ill start working on it right now <3

OKKK EVERYONE I NEED UR ATTENTION i have made an xanga site just for KWG everyone here is already part of KWG im gonna need ur help tho. ill post the link up for it when im done fixin it up a bit ok?? =)

ok lisa89 im gonna talk to u on that msn thinga.. mabober.. yes cuz ur gonna be one of the co leaders for KWG.. heres the link everyone::


it still needs a lil.. working on but ill get it done :) EVERYONE GET A XANGA so u can like.. comment and stuff yeah lol

the reason that we have a masive fight then leave, is because we all live on the same block we just used this fan club, because we don't feel like talking to each other.what i was talking about is that you guys dont get that Gorillaz is going to break up!the next time we have a massive fight then leave, we've just gone to settle it in person im sorry if u guys dont understand what we're talking about half the time, but me, deathcloud213, and lisa90 do. Tomorrow, we are each going to sit at my computer after we settle our differences and we will all be using voodo213 as our screen name so we can talk as 1 person
P.S. I've decided not to mangle myself, anyone whos been through a sucicidal stage would already know its a bad thing to do, thanks angelinwaitin030, i wasnt being sarcastic either
P.S.S. does anyone like the song 12D3?

hey all. whats going on i dont come here for what a couple o days and theres bin soooo much going on. too much. 2 that person who was bagging out Gorillaz I CURSE U!!!
and 2 voodo213 im so glad u decided not 2 hurt urself, life may be bad sometimes but hey thats life, for every moment that u like absolute crap i promise u there will be a time in ur life where u feel on top of the world!!!! i hope u never feel like hurting urself again. trust me we would all miss u!!! and yes i love that song 12D3, i was just wondering is there a video for it??

i totaly agree that is hard but you have to hurt yourself
for it.what is 12d3, as you can see i dont come out of my room much and always listen to cd's.(or hanging out with my friend spiritrunner.oh does anyone know why murdoc is selling twod stuff on ebay?well we may never know.

ok "2dfan" (more like crusher!! eh, u all like him. ) plz switch ur language from cherilian to english. its hard enough to understand you in person! video to 12D3..must scan my mind 4 that info. I skipped through this, what caught my attention was 'Gorillaz is going to break up!' what?! fill me in on this!

uhhh well.

well i stured some shit didn't i (pat, pat) i feel that like wat all of you said befor if you only like one song on the album then don't come badmouthing all of the other ones..... RIGHT!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
any way.. the gorillaz are never going to brake up it was a rooma! and i love merdoc!mmmmmm hottie! ;-)
hay spiritunner wat is your name in person?

Voodo123...ur alive! U had me worried! We've all been through the suiside stage, u just gotta get through it.
Ashia, nice to see u bak. "Why can't you all go to my school and make me feel normal?" Normal ppl suck. U seem gr8 the way u r.
I went on the link to see The KWG and its sooo cool!

P.s.Dont say things like Gorillaz r gonna split up! U've got me worried...OMG...what if its true! NOOOO! *Falls to group and starts shaking* true...cant live without

My screen name is vicemary. And now there's 2 members, me and Shannon. QUITE SAYING THE GORILLAZ ARE GONNA BREAK UP! YOUR SCARYING THE PEOPLE IN MY HEAD! So there are 3 people from Alaska on here? Ya know, it would be nice if everyone from Alaska was a Gorillaz fan, or an anime fan, or both. Then would could make the KWG army and TAKE OVER THE WORLD! WHAHAHAHHWHAHAAHAHBAHAHAHBAHAHWHBWBWBHAHAHAHAAH! AND WE COULD FORCE EVERYONE TO READ MANGA! Why? BEACUSE MANGA'S GOOD FOR YOU! Makes you think.
P.S glad your ok voodo. What's with all the ps's?
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:12:

I know this is prolly the dumbest question ever, but I recently heard the Gorillaz and liked them alot...does anyone know who does the music apart from Damon Albarn? I know he did alot of songs completely and totally by himself and was curious to know if anyone else was in the band. Thanks.

ok 1) i like 12d3 just like all of their other songs!! 2D) voodoo im glad ur ok! seriously i was so worried and.. 3) T.T YES! quit saying gorillaz are gonna breakk up (-twitch-)every single time i read that my heart splits in half again!! grawrrr!! i love them soo much soo everyone think positive coz its not gonna happen theyr gonna live forever :) and 4)YESS thats the second goal of KWG!! make an ARMY OF KIDS AND TAKE OVER AHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough* AHHAHAHHAHA and yes!! make them read manga!! and listen to gorillaz!! lol we have the best plans.. and 5) i live in florida lol prolly the only one here who does live in florida :(

ashia whats ur.. gosh whats it called?? blog err.. thing called so i can join it :) theres no point in making a new one if there already is one :D gj!

i updated. <3


my favorite band USED to be linkin park and i had a poster of them up in my room and i graffitied it last night and wrote gorillaz all over it lol :D

i'm glad that you're all happy that I'm not dead, being in my position i thought that nobody cared, one reason i wanted to hurt myself is because 1) my dog russell just died in a car accident, 2)and another reason is because my friend Michelle just died in a fire. but i learned to accept it. back to the subject of bacon, who here thinks bacon should be the number one food in america? i was going to hurt myself by having my friend matt hit me with a baseball bat many times in the head, but now i chose not to. lavenderlily, im glad somebody else likes the song 12D3 i have painted 2-D on my wall i believe it is safe to say i did a good job on it, too lisa90 says "hi", and deathcloud213 says "perish" I will no longer have access to a computer on fridays and sundays, because my brother jake has access to the computer then.

ahh thats so smart i wana paint 2D onto my wall so i can see him <3 lol

and im so sorry that ur dog and ur friend died :-\ that can always make u feel like crap.. but u just gotta live life to the fullest and keep ur head up ya know? theyr in a better place now and youll be able to see them one day again so they arent gone forever

you painted 2D on your wall!wow and i thought i was crazy over him.well its save to say i am NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE!man i thought i was the only one that liked the guy.

im married to him n.n <3



I wonder what would happen if the Gorillaz had a manga?, or would it be a comic book because there English?

they might already have a comic book out? or even a book idkk? the world may never know o.o

good point,they might already have a book out.i looked on ebay,i found 2D pot.i didnt find any crayons or shoes.well who said murdoc would make it easy.oh knows maybe i missed something.DAMN DOG GET AWAY!oh im still typeing.......oh well,as i was saying,i really would buy it if i had any money,$51 to be turthful.

I dont think they have a comic book or book...or manga(neva heard of that b4, sorri). Now that wuld get the worlds youth reading again! I dont think they wuld tho, they think stufflike that is for fictional characters (They think they r real...which they are of course.)
Voodo213, sorri 4 ur loss, u just gotta keep strong.


aye, i agree with u lisa89, plus it would say something about it online somewhere or at least some of us would of heard about it?? ahh well i still like the movie and tv show idea. i would buy the pot too lol - they were showing pics of some dude who bought the shoes theyr prolly too big for me haha id buy them anyways!

lisa89, manga is a comic book from Japan. You can find the translated versions at any bookstore. You think if we're bored enough we should manke a doujinshi/fan comic for them?

I can see it now; a badly drawn, big-breasted Noodle bouncing around being all provocative and fornicating with the rest of the band.

I am now at the point where I want 2 paint MURDOCK on my cieling,because there is no more room on the wallz sience i have painted the word GORILLAZ on my wall,instead of MURDOCK.amac,no offence,but yer cra-z!I once lived in Japan! for 4 weeks,I recall.MANGA iz pritt-e cool,but some manga iz hard 2 read,do u read from <2>,or>2<?and wat does "lol" even me,i know,im stupid,but i must know!I have also found out that GORILLAZ will stay in buisness 4 at least 5 more years!oh crap, Deathcloud213/Jake swollowed some ENBALMING FLUID again,i have 2 go,brb everyone!


HI EVERYONE,voodo213,u made tha rite manga,u read >2<.i have scool every day,including saturday,and sunday,voodo213,I would agree whith you on the bacon thing,but i never had any!and Deathcloud213,u shouldentdrink that!it iz used 4 dead ppl!voodo213,i got tha code,its 88450993124456798,i am only saying this cause no one knows wht we r talking about!!!ha ha ha,kind funny,thay might keep trying 2 guess!!!no offence everybody,but it iz top seceret!we r trying 2 find someone over tha G.P.S.!seeya

Voodo213, "LOL" means Laugh Out Loud (Exsept when ppl say that they rarely are acually laughing out loud. It just means it funni)..u aint stupid.
I think u shuld draw Murdoc on ur ceiling..if u can draw it then u shuld!
When i get my own house i am totally going to do a massive mural of the Gorillaz in my bedroom...shame i cant draw them or I wulda already made a comic book 4 myself.
Manga sounds cool.
Lisa90..i have no idea wat the hell u on about so its ok.

So, Gorillaz r gonna have to make a movie, a Tv show, a book, a comic, a manga (i like that word) and lots more albums b4 we will eva b satified.

well thats intersting,well i cant talk much about stuff that would be cool if they made a movie/bio on them tho.not talking about a short little show that they talk about them REAL selfs.believe me it would be cool if they to go "torture away".


What is the Reject False Icons business? I probally sound really stupid asking that question, dont get mad..but i really havnt a clue what it is and i wuld b very greatful if sum1 culd tell me. :)

lisa89, if you have any questions about manga just ask for I am the ULTIMATE OTAKU! well that's what my friends say any way. My e-mail's already on here some where. Reject False icons means reject poeple who have become role models but really shouldn't be like, pairs Hillton. It might even mean don't put "stuff" before God but I don't anyones relgion so I'm not gonna look to deep into that. This would make a great book, can I print it out and make it a book? Oh and are we making a real arm or just an internet one?

um i dont know what reject falso icons is either all i know is gorillaz work with them... or use them idkk?? it was on their rock it video u get it lol


i asked my mom if i culd draw 2D on my wall she said no i did anyway =-)kinda small tho lol

well thats one way to disobey your mom,but i would do the same thing just to get um pissed off at wouldnt really matter they cant touch me.i think (reject false icons)means for us to reject those who reject all disbelievers of the gorillaz(dAMN THEM ALL).

i already do reject them lol

Thanks "ULTIMATE OTAKU" for eduacting me in the field of "Reject False Icons". I'm learning alot :).
Paris Hilton is funni, i laugh at her.
Ashia, u shuld make a book.
Gorillaz need to bring out anouther Video! Im sick of seeing Pop culture crap playing on all the music channels!
angelinwaitin030, ur getting a nice collection of KWG members now.

im still confused on reject false icons but i get it a lil bit now have they put dare on tv yet? err are they going too? i dont watch tv that much anymore lol and the tv is right behind me!
lisa89, yayers im still trying to get more :D

Dare comes out today,in the US, on MTV2 at 11:00 am and 3:00pm. Does anyone mind if i print this out at make it a book thing? I'll give everyone full cretit for what they've written ^_^

well sure i dont mind ashia,i have alwayes wanted 2 b in a book err,watever,ya might wanna edit this piece out though,b kinda boring!u guys r talking about "DARE"?waz goin on?!And i like doin this ^_^,iz fun 2 doo!waz dare anyway,i dont get cable!!!and that makes me sad.wat is that reject false icon bit?i don understand!WAZ GOIN ON...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anywayes,ashia,iz O.K. with me^_^

I think iza great idea 2 make a book thingy!!!u could call it,"GORILLAZ WORSHIPERS"...if u want.we should all write really compelling stuff az a last speech type of thing!

GORILLAZ 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i need 10 dollors 4 a blank cd!

Look what I found on a deveanart site.

"You should always carry a pencil, because you never know when you have to stab somebody with it!"-Me

I made toast on Friday, August 5th, 2005!
P.S. Toast is yummy
Is this, by chance, the toast person we have all come to know and love?

Dare's on Dare's on. Uh huh, it's the best it's os awesome. Not gonna so it to my mom because of the werid thing at the end. It's coming up it's coming up it's coming it Dare, oo. That's what you do baby (I'm actully dancing sing and typin at the same time) Ok i'm done. I'm going to print this out and make all my friends read weather they like it or not! (none of my frieneds really like the Gorillaz.) I've got to make them realize that the Gorillaz are the closeing thing we'll ever have to an anime band.I might make a spearate xanga for this as well.

Dare has been out 4 ages, in England anyway. Dares gr8, u cant help but to dance when u hear it.
Plz make a book..that wuld b so cool. Yay! Im gonna b in a book!
*I had toast today and I put butter on it and then Honey but the butter was really greasey so all the runny honey slipped off and made a big mess all over the place...twas funni but u had to be there. Hee hee.*
As 4 the compelling stuff..i think the story about the toast and honey is as compelling as its gonna get with me. lol.
When I listen to Gorillaz now i think about Harry Potter...probz coz i was reading it while i was listening to Gorillaz... but its a bit anoying when i listen to Gorillaz now. Harry Potter is no way near as fab as 2D tho.

neat !! ur making a book!! ahh so hyper lol i MISSED DARE tho theyll prolly play it again some other time RAWR curse school... ok i know this might be a dumb questions cuz most of u prolly know?? but whats the book about like this site?? or toast?? err... nevermind lol im just confused

Im not sure either but i dont care coz...its a book, about us! Yay! Thats all that matters. I think the book is about just everything we have been saying.
I get into hyper moods too sumtimes. They r fun.
If u wanna listen to DARE get a Cd player/ MP3 player/Ipod and listen to it in school over and over

lol i tried listening to the gorillaz on my cd player in school... but the teacher was like take it to the office and when i went up there i was like NOOOOOOOOO PLEASE I WONT DO IT AGAIN lol i didnt want her to have the cd >>;; so she was jus like if it happens again then u cant have it until the end of the year lol did i stray off topic??.. arghh RAWRRRR ok HYPERRRRR a book about us!! bwuhahaha *dances to dare*

omg we have 11!!! people in kwg lol YAYY sorry still hyper

man i need to stay on the computer more often,damn.oh well,spiritrunner was looking on the site,boom then it happened.she found the little note about TwoD having a baby with noodle,i found it sorta funny,her on the hand found it a little wierd.but it would be just noodle only 15 and TwoD like 33 now....

oh it would be cool if you made a book.


Well obviously Noodle wuldnt have a baby now! 2D is 26 now and Noodle gonna be 15 in october...i wuld b wrong now!! Angelinwaitin030 is married to 2D anyway so it wont happen.
11 people in the KWG group is loads! Woo hoo!
The book about us is totally gonna rock!..its gonna get pubished and we all gonna b famous.

Pink Rabbit says shoot to ill

yayyyyy im married to 2D woo hoo lol wait oh i said that b4.. lol :)

The book is about alll of us talking. It's 74 pages, jamed myy rint 8 times. I ain't doing that again. If we really want to get it published we need to ask the website, antville, for permission, then ask the libray to but it or something. The publishing thing will be hard but frist we will need to get permission from this site, I decided to call it "Antvill Gorillaz Chat
Written by all the peopel who were on the site
(We'd get lives but we're to busy obsesing over the Gorillaz)
My version will be the frist print and/or first vol. Depends if we write more. I'm also going to put it on xanga. I'll tell you when that's ready. First off though can someone contact this site and ask them for permission? And i need to contact the Gorillaz also, does anybody know how I can reach them?

Yeh...brill idea. It wuld help to get permission from Antville. We really need to do a final speach from all of wuld be a good ending for the book. hee hee.
No1 has eva dun a book like that b4, ppl wuld like the originality.
I have no idea how to reach the Gorillaz or Antville, sorri.

wow! you mean that we are going to be famous,well thats just going to be weird.oh spiritrunner is visiting family at her house she might not be on for a while(thats i think)
so about this book,TOTALY AWESOME MAN(edit this out).well at school,the people that i hang out with said that the Gorillaz suck,so i moved to a different table and didnt talk to them for the rest of the day.oh and one of the person doesnt even know who there are.


omg like REALLY FAMOUS?? AHH and like the gorillaz will read our ideas?!?!? and make a tv show??!?!? omg my hearrt stopped *dies* i think its an amazing idea.. idk how to contact gorillaz tho?? i only have a fanmail thing for them idk if that wuld work wuld it?? or do we need the REALL people OMGGG the reall people!! what if they send us like... gorillaz goodies for u making a book!! ahh im too hyper

well it was some other kids idea though.well i dont get the gorillaz are the greastest band on earth,but some of the kids at my school hate them.

i kno it was ashia's idea to make the book but would the gorillaz read it? gah to many questions sorry

I have only just noticed all the "dead" people in the Feel Good Inc. wonder 2D wanted to get out of there!
Sorry, totally off the point...A BOOK! YAY! We gonna be famous but no1 will know who we are. We cant say who we are in the book can we? Either way...We gonna b famous! YAY!


are u gonna put what were saying right now into the book or like somethings we said back there ^^^^ cuz if ur putting this in the book then MY NAME IS KARI FOOLS BOW DOWN TO ME

cept 2d he doesnt have to bow <3

Everyone please clam down! Yes you will be famous but only to an extent because no one knows your real names or what we look like, with the excption of Kari. We now know her name and, yes, everything that has been posted will be in the book. Our first prioruty (spelled wrong) is getting permission from the site so we don't get suied. When we have permission I need everyone to print this out everything we've been posting. And I mean everything, then go to the libray and see if you can get it published. this way you'll alll get credit for the book, but please mention that it was oridanly my idea. This way people all over the world will see the book and it might become famous. But what are we going to do about sells....hmm.... Oh well the first thing we need to to is get premission so keep working on that. ANd who said the book or the chat had to end? I We got a good thing going on we shouldn't end it, we should see how long we can make it last. We'll just make other volumes to the book if we need to. Besides what're gonna do all day if we can't chat on this thing?

Ok, here's the internet version. Everyone get an xanga or tell me a better blog site.


wow...there have been like 100 posts since i posted last time..but i luv GORILLAZ!! i took that test there and i was 2-D :) But my favorite sonsg with this amazing band are feel good inc. ,D.A.R.E, 19-2000, Kids with guns , Dirty Harry! that is such a good song maaan! anyway..i also like Rock the house,Tomorrow comes today and Clint Eastwood who is by the way here in iceland!! But anyway i love Damon Albarns Charecter..2-D!

I gotta say, Demon Days is an awesome album, i don't care if it doesnt have a lot of drums or bass, they still have the greatest sound since...well.. ever! You may think im wierd but im also serious. When was the last time you got hooked on a group for more than a year? Usher's 'Yeah'? Jeez...don't even get me started on that song.(Must, fight, overplayed song rage!) Ah well, the point is Gorillaz is awesome, Demon days is awesome, and Feel Good inc is

lol ur not weird!!! cuz im sure everyone else here thinks that

hehe u said clam down... hehe omg im such a loser

and dont u have to go to a hugeeeeeee company?? to get it publish cuz i dont think.. the florida librarys publish thing iidkk ive never gone near it (-twitch-)

have you seen the icelandgirl.probly not,but back to the piont.i printed out this scene from feel good inc and set by my bed.but i was looking at it,you guys know the when TwoD is leaning against the window sideways.theres a face in the window(if you look closly)you can see TwoD when he was younger.

noo its just his reflection but it looks brighter lol


yeah its definately jus his reflection lol

well it looked different <lol>

well it lloked weird.well if you go you go to the cinema and click on the screan if you already knew sorry for bothering you.


this is not a GORILLAZ message board, it's a music video site.

Go here you fucking idiots:


whatever man, the point is that if u read the last 200 posts its all about feel good inc and the music video. If you have a problem with that, then you can get the hell outta here, in case you haven't noticed, feel good inc IS a music video. dumbass.

dude ok now im really mad that dude seriously better start running cuz i have a bat and an army (almost lol) of KWG members so U GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE AND IF U EVER DISS THE GORILLAZ AGAIN I WILL HUNT U DOWN AND DESTRROY U MYSELF U FOOL


im really mad right now grr.....

But librays have manga, and that's what mom said I have to do if I want to get it published. I'm not even in FL. To the FG dude, dude, it's a music chat site. We'er chatting about music, we're seurving the site's perpose so relax. And I must advise you to not talk about the Gorillaz in such a manner. You see the people in my head are quite fond of the Gorillaz and they don't, apperiate when people, disrespect them. They'll let you go, this time but if it ever, ever happens again, they will NOT be so, forgiveing. Got that?
P.S All the people in my head are loyal KWG memebers considering most of them are actully kids with guns.
(go figure)

lol angelinwaitin im right there with ya

i swear anybody that desipises the gorillaz,get the hell out of here.this is a place were people get to chat with other people about the GORILLAZ,so what if we put a few messages on here,SO WHAT.IM REALLY ANGRY SO JUST DONT MESS WITH ME.


hey ..when i think about it..we are a little sad..we come here to discuss this video and we are so not talking about feel good inc. - we are talking about loads of stuff that has nothing to do with the video ..and there are almost all the people that write here come here like evry day!! just to see what the other people wrote.. it is weird - but i like it

hello everyone, what'd I miss? 2Dfan, (plz say ur name so I dont have to type that I get bored) anyway..sum1 mind fillin me in? I have not the time nor the patience to read all ur posts. and in case you hate having to type the name spiritrunner I'm Katie. spell it however U want: katy, K.D, kati, katherine, w/e. ok cya pplz

lol we already discussed the video up there thats why were talking about random things! like toast!

WOW i've been on camp and like for 5 days there is like a hole page so i'm just ganna say this MERDOC IS A SLAMIN HOTTIE and i want his bod next to mine! dose any one eles think this or am i by my self? ow well HAY guess who i mett at camp???? lavenderlilly she is awsome really she is so funny we even mett up to snort some sherbert hay lavendalilly?!?!?!

Mrshaberdasher, I support the pairings of non-realistic characters with real people, if that makes you feel better. I also support many other wierd parings but if I were to tell you them, you'd probaly kill me or commite sudiced. Anyway books going great but I don't think abyone's read the online version yet. Check ya latter.And icelandic-girl, there is nothing wrong with what we're doing, it keeps us from commiting piro-arsony.

Mrshaberdasher, at the start I thought Murdoc ... merdoc .. merdock ..... mermaid .... murder .... merdok ... er ... Its Murdoc i think....anyway, at the start I thought Murdoc was a total sleeze, he picked on 2D, but now i quite like the fella...u just gotta love the fact he is so in love with his own self importance. I still love 2D more tho. hee hee.
..ok, anyway, icelandic-girl, yes, we are a little (or alot) sad coming on here and talking about Gorillaz day in and day wat? we aint hurting anyone! **are we "fuck.Gorillaz"?** Anywayz, I like this place and u all so groovy! (xsept that bloody crazed "fuck.gorillaz" guy that thinks calling us "fucking idiots" is gonna get us to move messagebords. R they stupid? do they think telling us to "fuck off" is gonna make us leave??) *Sigh* I need to be nicer... "Fuck.Gorillaz" i think u have issuse u need to see to.
Glad to hear the books going well, ashia.

ok everyone dont panic,but i have good news....The gorillaz are having a world they are going to be stopping in LA at 1pm and in NY at 4pm,they will be giving away free computers and secerts to there new album,plus they will let select few chill in kong studios and chat with group our somthing like that.oh spiritrunner your back ,finaly some news from you guys.oh if anybody whats to email me,here my

ARE THEY COMING TO OHIO?!ARE THEY COMING TO OHIO?!!!?!??!ARE THEY COMING TO OHIO?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? oh, darn.....I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! YES I LIVE IN OHIO DAMMIT! AND I GOT A DAGGER BRACES AND PEOPLE LIVING IN MY HEAD! I AIN'T DIEING TILL I WRITE AN ORIGANL MANGA! YA HEAR ME?! YA HEAR ME?!!!?!? IF YA DON'T THEN LISTEN UP, STAY AWAY YA STINKEN RAPPEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "heave" "heave" "heave" OK, I feel better now. (people in my head faint) anyway are they coming to Ohio? Please say they are. Oh and I found a Gorillaz comic. Here's the link. //


Yaaayyy! I hope they come to iceland! they must come to iceland..after all Damon Albarn has a house here..! almost next to mine :P

well they are very close,Los Angles,and New York.well i live in hawaii,it really can atleast DRIVE THERE!

I get twitchy on islands. I cant stand hot weather. and I am going crazy because of the tour!!!! *twitches*

Yeah that's all fine and dandy, but are they coming to Ohio or just going to NY and LA? this is a totally random question that no one's going to know but, why does Damon Albarn have a house in Iceland?


i think theyr just going to NY and LA i saw their uhm travel position thing on their website it didnt show anything on ohio or florida or any other places :'( and i read that whole comic last night lol
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:12:

wow, a world tour...brilliant!
I guess Damon Albarn has a house in iceland coz he likes the place probally for the nightclubs and cafes (as explained below).

"There are plenty of nightclubs, bars, cafes and cinemas in Iceland......
.....This has, in turn, attracted a number of British and American pop stars to Iceland, such as Damon Albarn from the British band Blur, who opened his own cafe, the Kaffibarinn, in Reykjavík." <<<{The internet can tell you anything!}
Hes got lots of money so he can live wherever the heck he wants!

Im in the process of reading the comic, seems good.

"The group will host special VIP visits in 12 countries at Habbo Hotel between August 22 and September 2.

Habbo Hotel is a virtual meeting place for internet users, where people create their own online character personas, explore the site and chat with others.

Gorillaz will have their own specially created Habbo characters for the sessions which will last an hour per country." <<<{I now love the internet}
*Hurries to log into HabboHotel*...OW TOAST! I 4gotten my Habboname..its been years since ive been there!!!! ARGH!!!


it wont let me log into it! it keeps sayin page cannot be displayed or the page wuld just be blank im sad niow :(

well all the places they are going to are LA and NY.well if you think about it for a while they just taking a break from 'ALBUM" making.MAN KATIE GET THE PICTURE OF TwoD OUT OF MY FACE.oh im still writing.*damn*

i love 2D PUT IT IN MY FACE YOU FOOL <3.<3


i still love him,but the picture will get stuck in my head
(hey i wouldnt mind that much)uhhhhh.well thats off the point.sooooo well better get back to my life.DAMN this is my life.

errr.....ok hello all i have some interesting news 4 u all mrshaberdasher and i are at the same school *whooot*. well the story is that i just came back from school camp (up at fairburne or someink) and while i was there i met mrshaberdasher amazingly she's one of my good friends sarah!!!!! pritty cool hu!? well ill go on about it later but 4 now im gonna get some sleep. see ya's

lol. Its funni how we all fantasizing over a cartoon *2D*. I love 2D.

The Gorillaz r coming to the HabboHotel at 2pm (London time) on the 2nd of september! I WILL BE AT SCHOOL THEN (First day bak into yr11 {or the 11th grade as some wuld say} NOOOO!!!) 2PM!? 2PM!? Y??

Thats cool that u n Mrshaberdasher r at the same school.
I wish ther were sum groovy people at my school.

i wish we all knew each other irl that would be neat!!! and I FANTASIZE err whatever OVER 2D all the time <3

lol yeh well, Who doesnt!?

ok... so lavenderlilly wat is this big fight wif 11 lover and 24 lover like somfin bot them not talkin to ya or somfin?!?!? ow well GUESS WAT!!!! i got my all time fav well nummber 2 fav album MUSE!!! i love them but the gorilaz have to come fist i think!?!?!? ow well i will have to get you over my house to listen to it some time ;-)

LOVE ya all BYE BYE i'll talk tomorow XXOO

OH and i'm talkin to lavenderlilly there! (nat bag) he he he he !

im confused.

I'm confused too.
Does Noodle acually have any parents? Who are they? where are they? Why doesn't anyone know!?

Noodle's parents are manga characters. Will someone please tell me why the home page for KWG isn't working?!


this girl helped me make a layout just for KWG and like.. when i put it on it screwed everything up ill try to get it fixed asap! lol

It's Noodle on the windmill cause he does play the guitar

kinda random but yeas it is noodle, and its a girl

I like the new image for The KWG site.
Yeh, Noodle is on the windmill.
Ok, 2D is a self porterate of Damon Albarn...compares pitures (just an excuse to look at pics of them all day lol) except for the blue hair they are identical.

damon has two teeth missing? lol and ty ^.^

ah, well except that.


And he has two gapeing holes where there should be eyes?

no, but they both have mysteruious eyes and they give the same look.

:D <3

They write very stange things on the Gorillaz message bords.
"Would you sleep with 2D?"
lmao...its soo funni.

i totally love thoze gorrilaz so much! HEART! i want to cut them open and see what they have inside them, RIGHT GUY?! HUG!


but if u cut them open 2d for example then his body wont be so sexahh anymore :'(

luckily cartoons never die. so you could cut him up and sew him back together and he'll be fine.

still lol. I PROTEST

YAY!!!1 alrite! instead of just cutting them open, i'd cut little tabs into their skin and then rip strips out of their skin - like opening a fed-ex envelope. then i'd cut off their fingers and make them eat them. i'd scoop out their eyeballs and urinate into their empty, bleeding sockets. then i'd cut open their chest cavities and make a little nest in there. and lastly, i'd melt their bodies in a bathtub full of lye so even their bones would dissolve and the feds could never trace it to me! aweseom! gorillaz rulez!!!!1

"lochelaine, Monday, 25. July 2005, 23:56
Personally, I /think/ I understand... As someone said before, this is not right, nor wrong, just an opinion.

So, we have Feel Good INC. We start out with laughter by De La Soul and the mantra "feel good, sh-shake it, shake it". Ok, for one thing, 'shake it' is the universal party theme. Have you ever gone to a club and not heard a song with the words 'shake it' in them? I think not. I personally think De La Soul is making 2D repeat the mantra, so as he wont forget that the tower is the world he built for himself, the world that give you a high that supposedly never ends- the world of fame. Its a world of endless parties... well... sort of.

2D seems to finally realize that the party does end, and so takes up his megaphone and tries to tell everyone else in the tower that its over, that its ruined, that Feel Good INC doesn't feel so good anymore... and a few people pay attention.

Then the "all I wanna hear is the message beep"- and then theres a quiet beep. If anyone hasn't noticed, the first chorus sounds an awful lot like a prerecorded message. The message is the new mantra, the one 2D /wants/ to be saying. Its his dream; the windmill. Windmill, windmill, for the land is the mantra, by the way.

Then there's "learn forever hand in hand, take it all in on your stride"- the tower is about partying, getting dead-drunk and having a great time, whereas the windmill is more about taking things slowly- growing up, but tnot too quickly. The whole point of the windmill is to /not/ go to the tower- the tower of lost souls. In a sense. Its like the windmill is the typical child- which is why Noodle is there, because she's the epitome of innocence and childhood- she's not in the tower because she's not part of the tower.

But alas, the windmill is falling- and sticking? I think that means the windmill is falling to the city and sticking there, to infect the word with its love and happiness (-twitch-), but the windmill doesn't sink all the way... does it? Anyways, it is indeed falling. Not sticking, though. o.o

Notice the coppers chasing the windmill. Innocence itself is threatened by the media. I take the choppers to be the media instead of the police. Nya. Anyways, wouldn't you say that those choppers are the scouts for Feel Good INC- taking out al innocence so everyone can Feel Good? Nya.

De La Soul then steps in, saying that it isn't true( the magaphone bit), he's lying to himself, Feel Good INC is his world and there's no better world out there. Its basically a 'shut up and get back to work' bit. And so, the mantra continues. Feel good. Its also about 2D looking out the window, seeing the windmill... which De La Soul doesn't like.
There's also the "dont stop, get it get it"- which is another common one(like shake it).... Just saying.

When the windmill passes by, 2D watched almost hungrily, seeing Noodle and wanting that innocence that she, as a child, retains.

Then we have the fabulous Murdoc with the gyrating hips. :D

In the end, the windmill soars away... 2D accepts his fate, and the choppers continue chasing innocence, chasing it away from the city and away from the tower. So sad.

So, to recap:
The tower is the palace of fame, money, booze and sex Gorrilaz has built. Its called Feel Good INC because its a buisness that, if you work for them, makes you feel good. For a while, at least.
The windmill is the essence of innocence, which is why Noodle isn't in the tower- as a child (well, as a young girl) she's innocent and not as wrapped up in the partying aspect of music.
The chorus is basically saying that on the windmill, you grow was a normal person- taking it in on your stride, learning hand in hand- the innocent path that an innocent child takes when growing up. Love forever, love is free, lets turn forever, you and me- a need to find love, to find solace from the cruel world of Feel Good- a love that would carry one from Feel Good INC to the windmill, where all things good and holy reign. :D
De La Soul tells 2D that it cannot be done; and so he gives up, repeating the mantra "feel good", because thats what Feel Good INC is all about.
The choppers are chasing the windmill because they work for Feel Good INC- they're the media- and its their ploy to destroy all innocence and bring the world to either Feel Good INC or the city that worships them.
And Murdocs gyrating hips are just special. :D

Anyways, thats my two cents... Sorry for it being so long...

<3, Loche"

Yes, I agree with most of that, And I just had to pay more attention to the video and the hidden features the artist has added to this video. And I noticed something also that noone else has seen yet (Or at least posted about)I am surprised noone has seen it yet considering I did and I am only 13... But anyway. When it shows the island with the windmill on it going towards the Feel Good Inc tower that is trapping everyone look at the clouds around the Feel Good Inc tower 1. They are black which represents sorrow and evilness, They can never see the light. And everywere else around the tower is regular clouds. 2. There is a face inside the clouds. And 2d (one near the window) is wanting out. He is trying to see the outside of the tower and is sad that he can't escape the "prison" he is in. And he finally gives up (watch as he drops his hands and leaves smear marks on the window) He loses hope and realizes he can't escape. And goes back to partying, getting drunk etc.


i just watched the video i get all of that ur really smart at finding these things out lol i couldnt find the face in the cloud tho?

It is on the left at the top

And thanks compliment :)

what part of the video cuz i watched it like 8273462 times cant find it T.T or maybe im just slow.. >.>;;


Near the middle

No, It is between 2:50 m/s and 3:05 m/s

oh ok ^.^

ok im sorry but i dont see itt T.T i just see like 2d's reflection


hay metroid

some one say something

The salad person is crazy, but I like the kinda crazzieness for some reason. [From the world inside my head I give thee this] BLEED! I WANNA SEE YOU BLEED! WATCH YOUR BLOOD SPILL ONTO THE GROUND AND BE ABSORBED! It's beutiful, so, beutiful. (weeps)
Thank you and goodnight.


whats going on o.o;;

wow. This is making no sense.

sry if this is changing the subject or anything...but earlier in the comments everyone seemed very mad and confused about the person on the windmill...and well on the gorillaz dvd they says its "noodles floating on her little island". er sorry just trying to help...and er

lisa89, Friday, 8. July 2005, 17:43
What the hell is a little girl doing in a band of full grown sorry... whats a little girl doing in a band with Murdoc!

i agree with u all the way...and did anyone answer that?

No, I dont think so, she sed it was "like having 3 older brothers" but on The Gorillaz messagebords theres a pic of Murdoc holding Noodles and hes unhooking her bikini top, (how unbrotherly like!). I think its noodle, it looks like her. Poor Noodle.

hehehe - Defently not a brother! :D

Qucik ad for my site //

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Feel free to post about gorillaz at my forum it has many forum sections. :)

I'm very sorry about the bleed comment, that was just the random insanity leaking outta my head. Did ya hear? THE GORILLAZ WON VMA's! WOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!

to much to read....head, exploding! so how are you all wile i was away i was sick and i had to go to brissy for an 80th it sucked!
and i have some good news and some bad.... i'll start with the good, my flea army reterneed and now we have a lage colanieof infant and fat fleas!
and time for the bad news................. i have found a new fave band MUSE but i still love gorilaz but not as much..... i recemend muse to any rock and punk fan! loves yas all XXOO

fleas x.x lololol gorillaz are still my favorite band :D

I was gonna watch the VMA...didnt get round to. Its good to hear the band won summit...they won two awards but Damon and Jamie weren't even there to collect it i dont think.

hey darkfall,i am that one guy,been yer friend for 7 years.its me,tha guy who introduced u 2 tha fan club,everybody,i would like 2 introduce,darkfall,tha newest member 2 tha gorillaz fan club!!!Niki,if u are reading,this,STOP.U R NOT A BIG FAN,BUY A GORILLAZ C.D.OR STOP READING,SAYES ME.Deathcloud213 is normal now,he took therepy.and lisa90 moved 2 Japan 4 a year!...lucky!


lisa89 they made the gorillaz with it.. like i thought that damon and jamie were gonna go up and get it but instead they made like a cartoon with noodle having it and i think (i didnt see the frst one) even tho i watched the whole vma's but i heard that 2d and murdoc took the other one

Yah i watched the whole mva's too, but i didn't see them win the first time...i thought i missed it or something...

same here well wahtever at least they won 2 ^.^

i think murdoc needs to go thru exorcism like russel. whys he evil anyway?


oh yeah BTW feel good inc is a brilliant piece of art, its the only music video where the music and sound ACTUALLY tell a story perfectly together.

murdocs... just evil... lol he has a dark past behind him >>;; really... i dont know

hi talk abot me plz

i heard that murdoc is evil cause his father was bad.....erm..was mean to him. :P

idk we all heard alot!! lol i heard that too tho

noodles should sport a cross then, to show a balance in the band kuz its not like an "evil" song/ band.


Im sorry you feel that way man,allow me to introduce myself,I am Jhon Smith,2-D of the Gorillaz.I am pretty sure none of you will beleive me,but I know tha truth,and that's good enough for me.this is the 157th fan club i have visited this month,I need 2 know,has anyone been to our official website,""?Murdock is outside screaming because he spilled extremly hot coffe all over himself...

If anybody does NOT believe that I am really 2-D,ask me a question only I would know!
P.S.we are making a new song,it might be unsucssesfull hwever,itz called "HEAT".^_^!!!!!

Murdock=Crazy rite now tell ya bout it later!

for some reason... i dont believe it 2d wouldnt have enuff time to do all this why even bother.. this is a site about the feel good inc video. and its MURDOC not murdock like u would know

im sorry i jus dont believe it..

and im sorry voodoo213 i sware i like missed what u said it wont happen again ^.^..

Ok the real 2D, IF U ARE THE REAL 2D....tell me something i will not find on the webb...about the gorillaz...


hey sorry I hadn't been on in a while,so I hear someone is the Real 2D,so prove it.

yeah why would 2d come here anyways and tell us about a new song theyr planning??? why would 2d even come here at all?? im with zombie, tell us something we wont find on the web

Guys,he's not 2-D,he's my coison Luis,the duncebag,he knows not a thing about Gorillaz!he told me he waz planning this,big mistake,Luis!Dont worry,me and Jake will take care of this LIE,PERSONALLY!!!YER DEAD LUIS!!!!!!!!

Hey,when you said 2-D wouldent have tha time,what did you mean?he is rich,therefore he wouldent have to work,other than tha fact that he sings,wouldent he get a break every once in a while?Im not siding whith Luis or anything,but watz withat?

hey everybody,Japan is soooooo GREAT!!!voodo213 called me,he cant use tha computer rite now,but he accepts yer appology angelinwaitin303!I am having a great time learnig how 2 speak JAPANESE!!!Sombody shood come here sometime!


Hey Yo!WE FIND THAT Offencive!!!SAY anything like that again,and i'll smack you so hard,your mama will feel it!!!2-D here,I agree with voodo213,we dont always work!we have free time,what r we doin he ask,foolin around!we like 2 have fun just as much as all of you!NOODLE HERE!you want some personal info about 2-D,i'll give it to you,once he didnt shower 4 a week,he sucks at poker,and vfkkcngilu.Shut up Noodle!All lies I swer,im very clean,and poker isnt about being good,iz bout luck!This iz not a trick like the one luiis,er watever his name is,pulled,we really r,THE GORILLAZ!!!ask me anything,and you get the answer!heres Murdoc.MURDOC here,Im suprised on wat you all thing about me,i've been reading this entire page,my animated me doesnt look wiered,does he?HJVGtukvukt6m.Russle here,sure make me go last,very nice guys,you dont have 2 believe us,because we know tha truth.we aint commin out with a new song yet eiter ya liein scumbag!we should be able 2 visit again this week,but we dont know.ALL OF US SAY SEEYAA!!!

no what i mean about not having time is about their tour and awl that i mean... i duno!! AND WHATS WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE TRYING TO BE THE GORILLAZ I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE!! ><!! WOULDNT THE GORILLAZ EACH HAVE A SEPEREATE NAME?!?! AND WHY ARE U HAVING A CONVERSATION LIKE WHEN NOODLE TALKS ABOUT SOMETHING then ur like shut up!! wtfff im really mad now i dunno what to believe



"the real 2D" if u hate the gorillaz so much why do u bother looking up the gorillaz chat rooms and joining....i suggest anger management.....and ya all these people saying their the real gorillaz is confusing me too...i need some proof b4 i believe anyone..

same 'ere


heyllo evry1, sos a bunch o wierdos have been impersinating gorillaz ay? I DONT BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!!! THAT SOUNDS NOTHIN LIKE EM!!!! sorry i came here 4 a reson but now i have forgotten.... o well. wait a sec *lightbulb flicks on* thats it! gorillaz have done an interview about evry thin and you can hear it by going to, once there scroll down a little then click on "interview with noodle" then click "prievious interviews" and then read the questions and click on the link for an audio answer. trust me it's worth it!!!?

well see yas!
im off 2 talk 2 mrs haberdasher.


hey there! i chikidi china chinese chicken and im a HUGE fan of gorillaz!! i dont have a fav gorilla cause each of em are great in there own way. Err...LISA89 wheres this picture of noodle and murdoc?? i dont think murdoc would do that too noodle.... i mean he might make an exeption for her?? right??


Ok,chikidi_china_chinese_chicken, there r sum 2D and Murdoc groupies on the message bord on and they put on of suff like that...I dont think its an officiial drawing as i have recently learnt.

And, EEEESH, i dont go on 4 like 4 days and alot of stuf happends..ok THe confused..probally due to not reading it all properly......if u dont like Gorillaz then go away..and no1 can b 2D..2D is created by lots of ppl.
Lisa90, im glad Japan is good.
lavenderlily..i will chek out interview.


er....lavenderlily, i dont understand..the link how do i hear the gorillaz...i can only find the reading interviews.

aw damn i was hoping to have some fun with the fake real 2d, why cudnt you all pretend he was real? then we could have a virtual conversation? and we could all get to know about his anger issues, and why we exist, and why we're all in this room, and ....why am i writing this?

My real question
what was the song clint eastwood about?

feel good everyopne =)

ok nvm i found the website..the link to their interviews is = //

and clint eastwood is about being er.. high or doing drugs some thing like that....

kris said on 16. Sep, 11:13:
The Clint Eastwood song is about Del. Lisa90, I wanna go to Japan to! Take me with you PLEAESE! I'm poor. At least buy some good manga while your there. Now what was I going to say. Schools evil...? No that's not it even though it true. Oh yeah, EVIL PERSON THAT DARE MOCK THE Gorillaz FELEE FROM THIS HOLY PLACE OR THE RAFT FROM THE PEOPLE IN MY HEAD SHALL BE UPON THEE! Be careful they bit. Oh, and if those are the real Gorillaz, Thank you for coming. If you not, THEN LEAVE! Here's a small test to put you through. Noodle, translate this in to English please.
(Dommo ari gotto)
It's spelled wrong but you should be able to figure it out.

i think is about drugs too "sunshine in a bag " =)
...oh yeah and the windmill, "it is sticking falling down" "take it all up on ur stride" ....means its...taking alot on its stride?...that "goodness" is under pressure?...and...falling...failing?

watch me as i gravitate...ha ha ha ha ha.



Feel Good Inc has very complicated meanings so i guess u can interpet the lyrics in different ways....I guess what Zedjay said makes sense. I guess its "falling down" coz people cant stay inoccent forever??
Its my Birthday btw today..just thought i wuld slip that in quickly.
Hurm...i wish the "real" Gorillaz did come onto the website..that wuld be so totally great!!!!
Clint Eastwood. *Thinks* I guess it about drugs.
"Just remember its all in your head"
Ive been practicing and i think i no the whole song off by heart. lol.



ok ok ok whos birthday is it oh well HI CHICK DE CHINA DECHINEASE CHICKHEN HAVE A DRUM STICK AND BRAIN STARST CLICKEN!!!! funny!!! so hi every one TALK ABOUT ME GODDAMIT!oh yeah happy birthday to how ever.
and guess what i have my own army of mutin hamsters from a galexy near mars YES YES I DO i am sending them to a land far away called britenoldonaledithenrald land i send them at noon on the 23rd of the 23rd of the 23rd yes that is right the 23rd i want them to lead magnifisont lives like myself, a world full of sex drugs rock and roll speed weed birth control! yes that is right i want then to MUHAHAHAHAHA! my evil genius plan worked MUHAHAHAHA! i lothe jessie mcfagget bye bye

mrshaberdasher,im sorry nooene iz talking about you,but how could a galexy b near mars,when mars iz in a galexy?no offence intended by that statement,of course.please correct me if im rong,BUT WEED,SPEED,SEX DRUGS?WHAT THA HELL IZ THIS BULLSHIT?YER WAT 18,21,25,AND YOU ALREADY DO DRUGS?WAY 2 BLOW YER LIFE AWAY!im sorry i snapped like that,the whole hampster thing waz cool!Jessie mcartney could SURE AZ HELL BE DESCRIBED AS A FAGGET,THA LITTLE PUNK,HE CAN FALL IN A DITCH NEAR AN ERRUPTING VOLCANO,and i would just peacfully walk away.sorry 2 say that 2 any jessie mcartney fans,but its my oppinion,and i do live in america after all!everyone,i really hate 2 say it,but my friend ryan waz the "G 4".please dont hate him,he deserves another chance!SO BACK THE HELL OFF,err,umm,please?where can you find "GORILLAZ LAKIA MONKEY"?sieriosley ive tried eveywhere!





sience i have a compleatly new outlook in life,i choose to ignore those rumors,and get on whith my peacfull new life.its coming out,its coming out,its coming,ITS DARE!Windmill,Windmill for the land,learn 4 ever hand in hand.Both exellent phrases,now let me tell you a story of a people called happy folk!

Once apon a time at the foot of a great mountain,there was a town where the people called happy folk lived.There very existance a mystery to the rest of the world.And seccured as it was by great clouds, get it.


Someone's on happy pills, no afence but you just sound to happy, deathcloud. Anyway voodo, there just rumors, they may not be true, so just relax and quite swearing as if the world were going to end and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA89! And everyone KWG is makeing a real site. I will be really cool and have fanart and stoff, but it's not up yet, so until then got to 68 State. How many times did I say "and"?

lalala i got the KWG site up and working.. it sorta needs work on but if anyone could register that would be such a great help!! =-)


lalala i got the KWG site up and working.. it sorta needs work on but if anyone could register that would be such a great help!! =-)


lalala i got the KWG site up and working.. it sorta needs work on but if anyone could register that would be such a great help!! =-)


lalala i got the KWG site up and working.. it sorta needs work on but if anyone could register that would be such a great help!! =-)

// to win...1 DAY WHITH GORILLAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Imagin what I could do if i won a tour whith the Gorillaz for 1 day!!!!!!!!I saw on a pepsi can,"you can win a 1 day music tour whith the Gorillaz",Im holding the can,waiting for the wright time to open it,ohhhh God,i hope at least 1 of us wins!Holy crap this is big...WIN...Gorillaz!!!!MUST WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Frekin Convinient is that!


I got 1 too!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,i have 2 win,i just have 2!!!

u cant win voodo213,i have to,i love them more than you

lalalalalalalalalalalalalal!!!today is great!i have a chance 2 win!lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalala!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Withers,take that back!you have just as much of a chnce as I do,so back off,...NOW!!!


No need 2 fight,so yer under stress,we can resolve this peacefully!


John,if you ever use my last name again,i'll beat you with a pool stick until you have detached retinas!!!stupid queer.



they dont have a win a day with the gorillaz pepsi thing here :'( *sob cry*


IM signing off 4 now. GOD,you guys are stupid!



i dont need this.

This is soo intertaining. (whahaha) {it's a soft evil laugh Ahright?)

they amuse me :)

ashia! u said hi to me on the message boards lol =D

Gorillaz breaking up!!?? I will only panic if i hear it officially.
Exellent KWG website!


ashia,if all i am is a joke to you,...never mind.lisa90,i dont understand why you would think so many negative thoughts about me,damn.many more people to thank for my missery...but,not any of you of course.havoc and chaos is basically my life so,...Lisa90,i hope you are happy for making my life a living HELL.sorry if i am depressing everyone.

p.s.please ignore this coming passege if you dont want to here my depressing statements.


actually,i wont bother anyone with depression right now.

or maby its too late.

voodo213 ashia never said that u were a joke she was just saying that the arguements that go on in here i gess are funny it doesnt mean its directly directed to you.. so u dont have to take it so personally.. im sorry ur sad tho but yeah..

and thanks lisa89 =-)

So much corruption in this place!voodo213,all will be well soon enough.go to Mabey that will brighten your day!?to talk about a happy subject,Gorillaz is the best band ever!anybody heard about "Gorillaz Lakia Monkey"?I want it,but cant find it!Sombody take my word for it please,don't go to,it will give you a computer virus that will completely destroy the software!Oh,guess what!I PERSONALLY HAVE MET NOODLE IN KONG STUDIOS!!!ITS TRUE!!My brother works for pakage delivery,and he was sent to Kong Studios to deliver 12 computeres for the technolagy room in the basement,so I asked if I could go whith him!He took me in an "EQUITY PACKAGE TRUCK"an i went to put on some lipgloss,and there she was,right next to me!She is so cool!I would have met the rest of the band,but me brother had to go,and i don't have a car!we hope to get sent there again sometime!*duh*


hey youngins, it must be the reckensileing[reckon-si-L-ing]
cause i'm back. So ah, upon looking at the other gorillaz chatrooms on this mighty fine site, I noticed that noodle looks exactly the same as in feel good,ah damn to to much to talk about.I will try to keep this one a little shorter than my last one, but it will still be, whats the word, good. me so smart(I.Q.=227) i found the word. But any ways thanks to all of you who said i was funny, cause i guesse i am. mrshaberdashe or what ever did bring up a good point about the chourus being recorded.kinda like when you call you girlfreind but she dosent pick up so you get her answering machen but the call is from jail.

You got to meet Noodle,inosent Noodle.your soooooo lucky,I wish I was you,I can't believe my mom wouldn't let me go to ther tour.DAMN IT!!!!!I wanted to go so bad!!!so did spiritrunner,we died because we had to go to school that day,and we got stuck in the most boring class ever...but I read that we found out that REAL 2D wasn't him...nice.Well the reason I havn't been on in a while is because I wrote some stories about the see yah I'm need to get hold of my friend Katie...(she's helping me with the story were on)see yah...

ok well i'm only 14 i don't do drugs just a metifor any way jessiemcfagget should fall into a dich near a volcano and i would walk past him to but i would proberly just stand there for a minute and laugh loudly like this MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!! DIEJESSIE MCFAGGET DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE YAZ ALL BYE BYE


u write stories on Gorillaz? that is kewl! i write 1 also it it was crap... soooo anyway i went into that site and listened to the interview LOL! it was funny! thanx 2 whoever sugested that. the bit where Murdoc said 2d was a 5 yr old trapped in a blue haired anorexic girls body was really mean!! poor 2D....

BTW i dont think Gorillaz are gonna split i read it somewere...


Everybody,gess what I just found out by using the G.P.S.,Kairi,Deathcloud213,lisa90,the real 2-D,and the g 4,
are all the same person using several different e-mail adresses!sick bastered!he's a guy 2!people these dayes...looks like we just lost 5 memberes everyone!LETS REBEL!Kill,or as said in robot terms,10100110!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!HE WILL PARISH!!!


why would you guys make different emails and names? thats just.. wierd

ok voodo213 i don't no wat you r saying at all!! so i'm just gunna play along WOW oh no they i mean he can't do that!!!!

actually i dont get it either o.o.

Voodo213....firstly, WHAT!? what the hell are you on about. I thought u said Deathcloud was ur brother (sorry if i am mistaken)..but u knew him coz u sed he had purple hair (sorry if i am wrong about that too)...and Lisa90 was ur friend across the street?? How can they be the same person. What ever u've been smoking I suggest u stop.
kiari, i cant belive u met Noodle! I'm sure shes as totally amazing in person as she is on tv.

mrshaberdasher, Friday, 9. September 2005, 03:02
>>>>Dam u! Ive just started da new yr of skool!!!!!

my school year is going by pretty fast =]


HEY HEY HEY MY Little PEEPS...katies back... anyways the rumors about the gorillaz are wrong thier not breaking up...its all their media work and shit...and i went on thier habbo tour and its nothing big...i dont think it was the gorillaz on habbo cause noodle and russel dont exist its just murdoc and 2d..and they mostly ignored everyone who asked questions...*couph* *couph* i asked murdoc to marry me and he called me a dumb twit but wen another girl called him a sexy hunk and if she can have his kids he SAID thats not murdoc..

Ok, I betchya the Gorillaz paid these people lots of money to pretend to be them on Habbo. I bet sum 60yr old perverts got asked to do it.
I think it does sound like murdoc tho...hes not into the whole commitment marriage thing but he is into the whole giving her his kids. but who knows.

Deathcloud213 is my brother!it is he who is the one that was making all of tha profiles!he told me that lisa 90 had signed up,but it was him!Kiari is also fake!he took theripy before making "Kairi",therefore,he sounded peacefull while using that profile!AND I DONT DO DRUGS!ucnoseigycilwyyyyyyyyyyygnlnueyocgmowgn!SEPHEROTH!CLOUD!RED!DAMMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

P.s.ON,you may find that Gorillaz is done making c.d's.either that or please correct me!


P.s.s,lisa89,you are very obsevent!

Anybody here heared of "Invader Zim"?Gir is all,"LETS MAKE BISCUTS!And zims like"No Gir,I never want you 2 mention biscuts ever again.and then Gir's like"oh"in his sad little voice.<_>.AND THE ALMIGHTY TALLEST SAY"we cant send those malfunctioning SIR units to Zim,they will destroy him...HAHAHAHAHA"!then the PLANET JAKERES steal earth and Zim stops them,then he's all,THE EARTH IS SAFE GIR,now lets go destroy it!AND THE HOLLOWIENIES try to escape from Dib's head!^_^!!!and Gaz is all "im trying to draw a little piggy,CANT YOU SEE IM TRYING TO DRAW A LITTLE PIGGY"?!!!!!!!and then he's all pow pow pow!and dibs all,uhhhggh,you got me!and the THING,WITH THE STUFF!csengunywompugioye9mjuiozwjcioguiwjgio!!!!!


I will be in here tommorow at around 4-5pm o'clock,central time,so its not so boring to see what you missed and then go,"Gee,I should write something back and have it answered in a few hours"!it could be answered in like 1 minute!MAKES MORE SENSE DOESENT IT?!


I dont know where to go to see the Habbo tour*sniff*.-_-.
someone please tell me.

p.s.If you tell me, I will do whatever you want!

I will even listen to elevator music for 3 hours!

Tommorow,why dont we all tell eachother how we dicovered this would be something to do.

HA i'll bet nobody can guess my age!


or where i live!

p.s.rewards are involved,ex.If you ask me not to be so,well,ME,i would!that whole bit!

this is my 13th passage!how desperate is that?!

lmao OK i discovered this forum thingy on a google search!!! wooshh

and invader zim used to be my favorite show <3 gir

VOODO213: ok, firstly, ok if what ur saying is true then ur brother has sum issues. People create many caraters (or sign onto stuff as many different people) coz they find it hard to deal with the person they acually are and use other characters to protect themselves from acually getting hurt by the things around them. So im guessing he needs alot of help. Im soz im getting all psycological but im soo bord!
secondly...ok, if u say u dont do drugs, then fine, u dont.
Thirdly, I've heard of invader Zim but unfortunaly i dont watch it.
Forthly, Murdoc has kids!!! Avnt the Gorillaz heard about contaception!? They're making too many babies!!...2D and Murodc got like 10 kids each...not sure about Russle, and Noodle, she dont av any kids.
Fithly, what Habbo tour? havnt the Gorillaz finished it all?
Sixthly, I discovered this wesite while searching on Google (for gorilalz pics)too.
Seventhly, Voodo, im guessing ur sumwhere between 10-100 years old.
Eithly, I bet u live sum where is the world..wait a sec..didnt u tell us this b4? Alaska wasnt it..pah, sum1 lives there anyway??
Ninethly, Argh, i cant type very well...cant spell..
g2g carry on with homework. "Au revior!" really not good at french.


argh i just recived an email saying "Sum1 has a crush on u!!" How cheesy can u get!?? Dang pranks.

holy crap!talk about a VERBAL BEATING!just joking^_^,mrshaberdasher,YOU MAKE ME SAD!you just got out of school,where as I am only in my 3rd week of school!
lisa89,who sent the message,I mean wasn't thier e-mail on the message?I think whoever wrote it is either laughing rite now,or taking this as an isult,they were talking about"someone has a crush on you",right?ok so yer message is long,thas a good thing,you like 2 type,ya get good grades!or in robot terms,"10010110001010001110100110!

You should be more spacific on my age,"10-100"is way to vast,try anywhere between 10-30.

p.s,im not 30.
yo,I have a paper due in two days,so i need to know,Who killed Lincoln?I would just look it up,but I dont have shool tommorow,so i cant use a school text books(forgot to bring mine home whith me),and i cant go to tha library(permenatly suspend from the library for,to put in short terms,"misbehaving),so please find out,anybody?oh,hold on.................................uh brb,in big trouble!

so anyway,#$%!.I cant liten to music for the rest of the night!@!#$%@$!%$@#@#@$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no GORILLAZ for the rest of the night!

is breaking a door off the neighbors balcony really that bad?

HEY EVERYBODY,WE SHOULD MAKE FLIERES ABOUT THIS WEBSITE/FORUM,POST THEM AROUND OUR NIEBORHOODS,AND WE WOULD HAVE LIK 20 NEW MEMBERES!+,THEY WOULD SEE WHAT A NUTCASE I AM,AND ALL OF THAT STUFF WE WROTE!I know,"who would find this site interesting",right?But if we include the fact that there is a psycotic guy,a depressed loser,a comidian,a very observent girl,and a guy with 6 pesonalities,someone is bound to come on and join!it's just a thought.

A good one!

Umm..i dont think murdoc has kids...he uses protection:D
But I asked stu and on thier tour thing and he said he has like 20 kids...and noodle is a kid..shes smart enouf not to get into that yet lol:P

Umm..i dont think murdoc has kids...he uses protection:D
But I asked stu and on thier tour thing and he said he has like 20 kids...and noodle is a kid..shes smart enouf not to get into that yet lol:P

o ya b4 i forget..the people who go on here..are u guys all from the UK?
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:13:

Nah,I dont live in the UK,I live in America.And err...zombie,you wrote one of yer passages twice.

Waiting for a response.




hay voodo

it is me i found it



cool yo



What is "NICK OLUSE"?





what up every1


Darkfall,here is your list of good people for this FORUM...
and thats all I can think of,...yeah,thats it!^_^

nobody is here yet darkfall.

they on if so whatup



you are C-O-N-F-U-S-I-N-G-!
but iz O.K.!!!






what is yer 2nd faveorite Gorillaz song?



tgdrh vzxm3gorxzeyhbymo uet?

are we the last living soals

eiubhvixheithxvhgh ehjrihg ehr gyh4hu9hcgt e oui3t46rrreut uet?!



I know what lets doooo!

We ask randome questions to the other people!^_^!!!


5/4 iz a gooooood song!


We will ask tha people of this fan club the first question that comes out of our head!

example...Do you have an oven in your bedroom like me?

lets go ^- ^

Now You Try!


^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^!!!!

hay krab monk where is your mom


Have any of you been locked in a closet with no door?

iam telling

that was mean darkfall.^_^!

heeeeeeeeeeee ahahahaahahahahaahahah


heeeeeeeeeeee ahahahaahahahahaahahah

Do any of you have a car?


ermijohxoiurgnvyyy yuhgt twioyhurieii hgi2erhy iu2youigyqeyior ihygohuiae9htuioog i i uet!


I said questions you idiot,what's grandma have to do with a question?^_^.

have u slced your hand yet

your mom????

uxgrweuvf geuuuvgruweyxgyurhweyhxvyiehruxehwyxverhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhvyu erhsuisuisuivurkshvjsdfvhdfjhbrjdbjvvvvsghkdg h gjk!!!!!


have you ever died?

is yer insurence covered?

FIRE FIRE FIRE yea , u like FIRE

What is my real name?darkfall,you cant answer this.



Did video kill the radio star?


do you like 989 studios?




and i think you meen,Que?

hold on for a minute,o.k.



yo im back!

thats grose man!



asking questions is getting boring,lets do something els!





Gorillaz is the best F-ing band in the FREKIN WORLD!!!no band can outmatch them,DEMON DAYS!!!!yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!Gorillaz is making a new C.D.!!!!!!!Called GORILLAZ LAKIA MONKEY!!!!!!!GORILLAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sdghcecececececevryocseruicuihj vhuishhhhhjv hgvhcuisycyushchsgbjdjhkhhjviyiyu!!!!!!!!!!



YO,see you all later!










darkfall said on 16. Sep, 12:20:
yiepppee we have our own corner in da gyberspace now gowrillazz fo eva!!!!!
im pooping in my pants right now! this is so absolutely keeeewwwwwl.

where are all my beloved fr13nds!? or am i alone here :´´´´-( 
angelinwaitin030 said on 16. Sep, 14:06:
uhh why was this thread moved??.. 
voodo213 said on 16. Sep, 21:16:
EVERYBODY!Kris on videos antvill stole our webpage,and made me beg to get it back!Why would they do that?lisa89,everything is normal,..I guess!

salad fingers
and captainmarc!
voodo213 said on 16. Sep, 21:17:
voodo213 said on 16. Sep, 21:29:
I was able to make a compromise,...COOL!!! 
voodo213 said on 16. Sep, 22:42:
This's just not the same.*sigh*.if only thay would give us the real page back!but what can we do? 
voodo213 said on 16. Sep, 22:43:
voodo213 said on 17. Sep, 21:05:
Jhon Wilkes Booth!Thats who murderd Lincoln!And Just in time,u really are smart! 
angelinwaitin030 said on 18. Sep, 07:03:
:sigh: i miss the other thread this place is too... bright and it burns my eyes out @_@ anywho... IM STILL CALLING THIS PLACE ANTVILLE U MOTHER FRIKKERS... grawr THREAD MOVERS!! u make me angry ><


how is everyone ^.^; 
voodo213 said on 19. Sep, 22:09:
Im alright angelinwaitin030.Yet I fell the same way as you,you know,@_@!!!All I have 2 say is OMFG!
shool sucks!2 pages of homework from each class!!!WTF!!!!? 
voodo213 said on 19. Sep, 22:12:
<-> <->
I think that we should make a quote for our titals!ya know like mine is up above this passage!

By yhe way,those are eyes. 
voodo213 said on 19. Sep, 22:13:
<-> <->
Its so much less busy here. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 20. Sep, 03:21:
yeah everyone always talked at the other place u.u,

whatever i gess we gotta live with this stupid thread...

omg it feels like we were kicked outta our own country and forced to trravel far away!!!!! T.T

im too dramatic..

yeah lol i had lots of homework too 
voodo213 said on 20. Sep, 22:18:
<-> <->
YOU KNOW WHAT?I THINK THEY(the antvillers)WANTED US TO BE MISSERABLE,OTHERWISE THEY WOULDNT HAVE TAKEN OUR THREAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!WELL I SAY WE SHOULDNT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!!!WE SHOULD PRETEND THAT NOTHING EVER HAPPEND!PRETEND THAT THIS IS OUR ORIGINNAL THREAD!!!We don't want them to be happy about our missery!We should either pretend that this olace is just as good,or we can fight back!Either way,we will win!If we all join together,we can crush the antvillers!I am not per say"the best hacker",but If Kris could take away our thread,who says we cant take away thiers?!For questions,e-mail my friend tomas at !If you are clear on what Im talking about,then e-mail me your plan at !I am getting SICK and tiered of all this boredum!!!Nobody visits this place anymore!!!My enimies personally are-Kris,salad fingers,and captainmarc!THEY ARE THE ONES THAT TOOK OUR LIFES AWAY!!!!!!NEVER AGAIN WILL OUR THREAD RETURN TO IT'S ORRIGINAL PLACE,unless we make it,WHO IS A GOOD HACKER?I will need a-Hacker,a really smart person,a guy who is good at distracting people,and a person capible of creating several(like about 5)accounts in Antville!Or,to make it easy,we need Martha Stuiret,but I doubt we can get someone as evil as her,so we will need to try our best!If anyone in this thread does NOT want to participate,I am very dissapointed in you.Me and 12 of my friends think this will work,so the odds are stakked against the Antvillers!Let the Information Super Highway War Begin!!!!!!!!! 
voodo213 said on 20. Sep, 22:20:
<-> <->
It may sound cheasey,but many of my friends have been in the same situation before(different theme of coarse),but they managed to pull it off using teamwork! 
Ashia said on 20. Sep, 22:47:
I'm baaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkk
Did ya miss me? THAT'S RIGHT IT'S ASHIA! I"m back from my long depression, and for all who were wondering I did not commite suicide, the people in my head won't let me die anywho. What wrong with this place? Parts are in German so I can pratice for school. This place isn't so bad. We can talk that's the important thing, right? To all KWG members, hasn't anyone here heard of self advertising?! It's when you search the net for people who might be interested in KWG. Oh, and I'm smrtperson. Didn't feel like posting my name.
P.S If your looking for a hacker just ask people if they can read L33T. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 21. Sep, 02:44:



IM GLAD YOUR ALRIGHT ^.^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashia said on 21. Sep, 11:50:
Thanks for worringy about me ^_^ ^-^ ;> :> :) ;) Bunch -o- happy faces. 
voodo213 said on 21. Sep, 22:05:
ASHIA,YER BACK!!!!^_^_^_^!!!YOU HAD US WORRIED SICK!!!I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE YOUR DESIESED CORPSE IN THE NEWS!!!Ashia,I never said I didn't like this place,it's just not as good as the other one!And wat did you mean by L33T?iz it some kinda code?Good God,don't do that to us again!Were all glad yer O.K.!!!!!!! ^_^ ^-^ ;> :> :) ;)!!!!!!!Angelinwaitin030,glad you are with me on this.Yer Job Iz ether to,A.Look for A Hacker,B.Call The INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER tell him/her that someone is steeling threads,C.E-mail the SIGHT ADMINISTRATOR for VIDEOS ANTVILLE,D.Come up with a different plan,and e-mail me at .<-> <->!!!!!!!

P.S.IM GLAD YER OK ASHIA ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
angelinwaitin030 said on 21. Sep, 23:15:
im on it! w00sh lol i feel like an undercover cop... er.. dude

yeah anyways 
angelinwaitin030 said on 21. Sep, 23:16:
yay bunch of happy faces ^.^ :D =-) =D n.n ^_^ :3 :) :> ;) 
angelinwaitin030 said on 21. Sep, 23:17:
and L337 or L33T whatever... means... leet or however u spell that lol yeah

its like

2d is sexy!!!!!!!!!

PH34R H15 53X4HN355


ok im posting too much lol

voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 21:49:
YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just found out that you can create your own thread on Vidioes antvill.comall you have to do,is go to "post new vidio link",we can completely start over on that site,and if we ever want to go back and look at what we have created,we can visit this dump!!!I don't know how to post a gorillaz picture in the thread,but as long as we have an Antville thread all our own,it won't matter!!!YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!This is freekin awsome!!!We can start over,a fresh new antville start!Nobody will be missng out on anything if they go to OUR new thread right away,anytime between today,and saturday!This is sooooooooo sweeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!come to the new thread all you gorillaz fans,my signature will be in the most recent comments box,click it,and we can begin the best Gorillaz fan club EVER!!!!!!

p.s.angelinwaitin030,I don't find 2-D "sexy",for I am a guy,but if I was a girl,I would agree! 
voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 21:51:
<-> <->
look 4 my signature,I will write,"Gorillaz Fanz Strike Back"! 
voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 21:52:
<-> <-> see U there <-> <->
voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 22:32:
voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 22:33:
angelinwaitin030 said on 23. Sep, 00:12:
i couldnt find it! lol send tha link! 
kris said on 23. Sep, 09:50:
why don't you post here?
click on "post stuff" and you can create a new thread. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 23. Sep, 13:36:
because we all miss antville :( 
kris said on 23. Sep, 21:27:
what are you missing exactly?
if it's the orange header, i can change the colours here.

the thing is, the other site site devoted to a different topic and the regulars were destracted by your chat thingie. 
voodo213 said on 23. Sep, 21:56:
<-> <->
First off,Angelinwaitin030,THESE MORONS talk too much,therefor,it was pulled out of the recently modified box,the jerks!Second,...I didnt mean you.

Kris,you do understand that what you have done was illegal,right?it can get you 2 years in JAIL!
YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IF YOU TAKE AWAY THE THREAD,YER NOT GONNA GET THA VIDEO BACK!angelinwaitin030,maby we should write a little thank you note to the sight administrator,you know,because we complaind about people steeling threads,and kris will be kicked OUT OF VIDEOS ANTVILLE as soon as posible!HAHAHAHAHA!Thats right incilent FOOL BOY!As we speak,he is working on your file!You have NO RIGHT to steel threads!Have you noticed our main problem?!angelinwaitin030 and I are the only ones that come here now!THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!!YOU HAVE MADE GORILLAZ FAN CLUBS BORING!!!YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!This place SUCKS o.k.!THATS MY PROBLEM!!!I WILL NOT REST UNTIL YOU ARE EITHER IN JAIL,OR YOU HAVE GIVEN US OUR THREAD BACK!Besides,dont you care for anyone but yourself?WTF!?And did you think that when you stole our thread,we would close our accounts and be FINE WITH IT???!!!@#$%THIS PLACE!From now on,until the end of your life,YOU WILL HAVE A LIFE OF COMPLETE MISERY IF YUO DONT RETURN THE ORIGINAL HOMPAGE!YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD RABID WEASLES TELEPORTED INTO YOU SKULL INSTED OF HAVING AN ENEMY LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will work till blood is spewing from my eye sockets in order to shut down VIDEOS ANTVILLE!!!I have already figured out a plan!YOU SHALL FIND OUT SOON ENOUGH!!!!!HAHAHAHA!!!I am not as desperate as I appeared to be at that last battle we fought ya know,I WILL BE THE ONE LOVING THE FACT THAT YOU ARE AT OUR KNEES,BEGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM SIERIOUS!ALL OF THIS HAS TO STOP!!!THIS CANT GO ON FOREVER!Didnt you like it better before,when we had our thread?THIS ONE WILL NEVER REPLACE OUR OLD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youd have beter luck winning the lottery than winning a battle with me!!!!

My plan is soon to begin,I will make sure that the truth is exposed!!!That you are a thief!That captainmarc is a FOWL MOUTHED LUNITIC!!!AND ALL OF YOU ANTVILLERS IF OUR THREAD ISNT RETURNED!!!!!!I am not willing to let criminals take over our own thred without a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE DONT WANT A NEW THREAD,WE WANT OUR OLD ONE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SIGHT!!!HAHAHA!!!! 
voodo213 said on 23. Sep, 22:00:
kris said on 24. Sep, 15:52:
you are so wrong
videos.antville has houndreds of regulars. they come to talk about cool music videos, because that's what the site is for.

on the other hand, you are a couple of gorillaz fans. nothing wrong with that. nobody has anything against the gorillaz as such. what people annoys is your chat on videos.antville about how life sucks, about homework and how much of a hacker you are. that's the reason why i outsourced the thread.

and nothing is stolen or taken away. i could have simply deleted your thread, but i have given you a place where can do what you did on videos.antville without interfering the regular discussions. that's more than a nice gesture.

and remember: videos.antville is MY site. the thread you have posted to is MY thread. i can do with it whatever i want because it's ALL MINE.

if you don't like it here how about creating a nice place by yourself? it shouldn't be hard for an expert like you. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 24. Sep, 21:44:
he has a point >.>;;
angelinwaitin030 said on 24. Sep, 22:04:
im just gonna keep quiet and hope this thread isnt deleted then >.>;; <.<;;

another co-leader(Moni, and I decided that were going to change something with KWG... instead of KWG were calling it Feel Good Inc. - everyone inside FGI will be called kids with guns... we decided that everyone will have customized signatures...
example; it would say Feel Good Inc Member. then have a picture of whatever gun of your choice and say kids with guns at the bottom and your name or nickname whatever you want!were working on the xanga site right now for it but we will put it up when we're done... also it would be really nice if you all made an xanga at so you can comment and stuff... ALSO if you all REGISTERED at the forums and talked recently on there... //
it could be like the antville place (if it makes any of u all feel better) but we could still talk on here...
just ask about the signature thing and we'll try and make them for u a.s.a.p

voodo213 said on 26. Sep, 21:47:
kris.i dont know what to raise an exellent point,its just...we all miss the old site soooooooo much!kris,i have nothing to do but to exept your peace offering,(this site)and make the best of it!

kris,wach out for your newest member,A-jack!You think I was bad,he will send the regulars away at 1000mph!Not a threat,a warning,I know him,he hates you all!

angelinwaitin030 said on 28. Sep, 23:16:
lalala k bored 
Ashia said on 1. Oct, 05:24:
Hmm hm hm hm hm hmmmm
This will make an exelent book. I wonder if I can get it published without being sued. Maybe if I gave antiville and anywhere eles it's posted the money. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 2. Oct, 18:16:
angelinwaitin030 said on 2. Oct, 18:16:
oo ashia are u still working on publishing this threadd book err,,, thing 
voodo213 said on 3. Oct, 21:24:
Ashia,I sure wont sue you!This would make a great book!And angelinwaitin030,Am I a KWG/FGI member?
And if not,how do I join?Or do I even join? 
voodo213 said on 3. Oct, 21:26:
and ashia,why give antville money,they are our MORTAL ENEMIES!
voodo213 said on 3. Oct, 21:29:
Besides,they have no say at WHA.TWODAY.NET,This is our place.all you need to worry about is members here,at,if they oppose,you cant publish.BUT I AM ALL 4 THE IDEA OF MY SCREENAME BEING FAMEOUS!!! 
voodo213 said on 3. Oct, 21:32:
My friend has opened up a decent new Yahoo Group about Gorillaz!Go to,click on groups in that boz under"sign in",and search for,"gorillazmaniaks"or if that doesnt work,"gorillazmaniakz".its pretty cool there! 
lisarama89 said on 4. Oct, 18:43:
OMG I dont go on 4 a while (had da flu) and there is soo much stuff.I realli cba to read it all. Any1 wanna sum it all up 4 me? R we still on about Antville? :^$ 
voodo213 said on 4. Oct, 21:37:
Lisa 89,Yer Back!!!
Ok,lisa89,what has been going on is this...

I got really pissed of at Kris,from videos antville,and he replied and changed my perspective on videos antville by telling me abut how we have all been driving out the antvillers,therefor,he kicked us out.then angelinwaitin030 openes up a website that gets deleted,err...whatever,and I talk about a cool website that my friend opened up!his e-mail is

and lisa89,why did you change yer screename?maby I should change mine too! 
lisarama89 said on 6. Oct, 18:14:
I changed my screen name coz it wuldnt let me on as LISA89. Weird.
"how we have all been driving out the antvillers"...I dunno what every1 else had dun but how have we been driving out Antvillers?
Well at least we were moved instead of messagebord being deleted all together. Anyways who need Antville! 
voodo213 said on 11. Oct, 21:23:
Hey yall!
This iz great!Almost everybody is back at!!!Wazzup krab monk?!I feel sorry that yer hand iz brokded.But iz alrite now!Gorillaz having a concert at England!!!I will be there!My mom has given me money 4 tha plane ticket!!!Krab monk,i cant e-mail u cuz I dont know yer e-mail adress!Deathcloud213 has to say something...

Hey everybody!And that class is why I'm so HAPPY today,hmm,int that great,hmm,yeah!
He iz such a loozerr!!!!He ditched Gorillaz for System Of The Downed!

lisarama89 said on 12. Oct, 19:09:
Pretty much every1 i no is really happy today..yay!
Gorillaz r playing at Manchester Opra house? wooo hoooo! says its officially sold out. :(

I hope u voting for them at the DMA awards. 
lisarama89 said on 12. Oct, 19:47:
ow yeh and btw. Has any1 seen "LOST"? Its soo amazing....i g2 watch it tonight. Can any1 tell me what hapends in the 1st series? I keep 4getting to watch it so it wont rewin the suprise for me n i can boast to every1 at school. OMG im sooo in love with Charlie. Englands up to the episode where they check everys name on the planes name,thingy and there is someone whos not on the planes list but on the list they took on the island. Theres the scary guy. (I hope he doesnt hurt Charlie :(!!! ) the point here. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 15. Oct, 00:22:
whoa i dont come on here for a week or two and everyone comes back?!? wow lol :) SIDFHSDFISDOFJ 
Ashia said on 15. Oct, 16:39:
Should hae come here sooner
To everyone in OH you may have a chance to see the Gorillaz live in Manchester still. Just listen to 92.3 FM and when they play the Feel Good Inc. song call in. If you win the call in you'll win a T-shirt & a Demon Days CD and be quilified (sp) for a chance to go to England and see the Gorillaz with 3 nights hotel payed. I'm sorry but the radio staion is only heard in OH so.... well the is XM. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 23. Oct, 04:50:
oh bummer =-( !!
Ok you know what... about the whole FGI thing, im starting over from scratch... freget the forums... freget all that, i want to make a real webpage, and have loads of stuff on there like icons, comics, blah blah blah blah blah... sorry abt not comming to the forums often, i just idk it didnt seem like FGI was going anywhere so i let it drop for a while...

anyways besides all that BUMMER!!!! i wanted to see gorillaz in manchester :( ive been bugging my parents about it all the time rawrrr lucky u 
r27smith200245 said on 28. Oct, 14:39:
downloading to HDD
if you want this video on your HDD then click on the links: Real player high: //

Real player lo: //

Windows Media Player High: //

WMP LO: // 
lisarama89 said on 29. Oct, 13:32:
Dirty Harry
OMG! The Dirty Harry video is.....well, its not all that great, but its the Gorillaz,andthats all that matters. It musta been released on MTV today...i just turned the TV on and it was the 1st song on. :-) 
angelinwaitin030 said on 30. Oct, 05:49:
are you kidding me
are you kidding?!!? the dirty harry video was AWESOME!! 2ds... sexyness 
lisarama89 said on 30. Oct, 15:42:
lol, yeh im sure it will grow on me and i will luv it. Yeh, 2D's "dancing" in it was quite groovy. I wulda liked to see Noodle doing sum of her crzy moves too.
Who is the guy who raps in it? :/ 
lisarama89 said on 4. Nov, 18:01:
any1 no where i can c Gorillaz performance on the MTV EMA 2005. I turned the TV on just as it finished!!! 
Ashia said on 4. Nov, 23:16:
do not threat
Don't worry. They repeat those things for weeks. You'll be able to catch it eventully. Oh by the way, GORILLAZ WON BEST GROUP! Quated from Damon Alben(sp) "We won best group and we're not even a real group." 
Ashia said on 4. Nov, 23:16:
do not threat
Don't worry. They repeat those things for weeks. You'll be able to catch it eventully. Oh by the way, GORILLAZ WON BEST GROUP! Quated from Damon Alben(sp) "We won best group and we're not even a real group." 
zombie girl said on 17. Nov, 07:13:
been a while
woh... it''s been a while since i've been here.... i didn't get to catch the EMAs either. it's sooo sad... it's sooo excting that they won BEST GROUP!!!! and in reality, they are!!!! but i watched the feel good inc live on the computer just now. sweet times, sweet times... ^_^ 
voodo213 said on 24. Nov, 19:19:
Im back everyone!
sorry it took so long.My computer is being a POS lately!The last message I tried to type got erased!Well,glad to see everyone happy.gtg!l8ter. 
lisarama89 said on 24. Nov, 20:53:
is this working now? b4 i culdnt post anything 
lisarama89 said on 24. Nov, 20:54:
YAY it is working!!!! 
lisarama89 said on 24. Nov, 20:54:
YAY it is working!!!! 
lisarama89 said on 26. Nov, 21:22:
I saw Damon and jamie on Friday night With Jonothan Ross...was very good 
Ashia said on 27. Nov, 15:19:
Yeah! Lonely no more!
Where were you people?! I WAS LONELY! YOU CAN ONLY TALK TO THE PEOple in your head for so long! I mean really, oh well. Yoour back now and that's all that matters. Do you guys remember // ? I stated writing a fic and posted it there. So far it's not very long but If you have time please read it. I'm soooooooooo happy everyones coming back! (tears of joy) 
Ashia said on 27. Nov, 15:27:
Ops, wrong link (ehehehe ^_^;) Here;'s the right one.

lisarama89 said on 27. Nov, 21:32:
ive aint spoken 4 ages coz it wuldnt let me post stuff....i chek out ur link now ^_^ 
zombie girl said on 28. Nov, 04:43:
hmm... i haven't spoken cuz i've had tons of projects to do since school had started. i just NOW found some free time to post here again. i'm sooo happy that you guys are still here! and i also thought that this conversation ended a while ago, so i went posting at the gorillaz forurms. ^_^ 
Ashia said on 4. Dec, 15:38:
i hate titels
2-D: Yeah, De la Soul are nice enough guys and all but ya just don't want 'em laughing at ya with big jackets, ya know?
(I think they scared poor 2-D ;_;)
Noodle: Ah! See the windmill burst through the clouds? That's me on the island. I represent freedom.
Russel: I can't tell the animation from the real people.
Murdoc: Oh! Oh! Look 'er, my best is coming up! (Shows murdocs lovely butt) Yep, I was looking good and fell'en sexy.
Some random real person that no one cares about: Everyone thought after there first albumn the Gorillaz were gonna go away but they didn't ya know why? Because the Gorillaz are rock n roll! 
angelinwaitin030 said on 6. Dec, 23:43:
i feel horrible...
ever since antville went down i never check this place... im glad people still come here im really sorry... forgive me everyone T_T 
lisarama89 said on 10. Dec, 15:50:
It's ok...
...this place just aint the same. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 15. Dec, 14:21:
I know
ever since they moved us to this bright place i just barely check anymore... 
lisarama89 said on 16. Dec, 17:11:
cant we just yell at someone to take this place bak other place. 
lisarama89 said on 17. Dec, 22:07:
yeh I had to change my name too coz this place skrewed up. Glad u bak. 
lisarama89 said on 24. Dec, 16:04:
Merry Christmas everyone!! ^_^
The season is upon us [whether you like it or not]. So hope ya'll are happy for xmas . 
voodo213 said on 25. Dec, 19:53:
Merry Christmas All!
thanks lisa,merry christmas!!!And to all who do not celebrate Christmas,happy holidays!!! 
voodo213 said on 28. Dec, 22:35:
my god.I stayed up lat night looking at all of the messages writen in this forum,im such an amature!I feel like I know nothing anymore,I was fine yesterday,but now I realize what a delinquit I am!I am a quiter,and a procrastinator according to all of my previous messages. I suck at spelling and dont ever truly know what I am talking about!I SAY ALL OF THIS BECAUSE i JUST SNAPPED!All of my favorite memmories of videos antville have turned into hatred towards kris and his"regulers"!But I know I can do something about it,and dont!I am smarter than I give myself credit for,but I have litterally gone crazy,my psyciatrist says so!I dont do theropy,and will not stand for this crappy blue website anymore!Me and kris have argued about this sevral times before,but this time,I have by my side a certificate stating that I am not among my thoughts(crazy)!THIS IS FUCKED UP!!!!! 
voodo213 said on 28. Dec, 22:43:
continuing my long whitted,boring speech,I think I am just about fed-up with kris,and his site for "music videos in generall"!If it was such a big problem(us being ourselves),then why didnt he kick us out before we got used to antville?!
frikin retard!by the way,contackt me at,kris or anyone else!I am now going to use my full potential to plan revenge,bye everyone who cares! 
angelinwaitin030 said on 29. Dec, 00:30:
Fuck the System
Nice speech. Hello, everyone I am back, I hope you all had a happy holiday because I did. I agree with you Voodo213, this place just down right sucks. And I mean... Look at the title:

" what? wod? ay!
Have fun with TEH GORRILLIEZ. LOL!!!1111 "

How fucking noobish is that, I swear the guy who made that title is a fucking mother fucker. He spelled the god's (Gorillaz) Name wrong, and types like a fucking noob. "ZOMG!!!!1!1111oneone!!" Who fucking types like that. We were kicked out of antville and I am never going to forgive them for doing that, if those fucking people had problems with us FRIENDS, talking with each other about things, THOSE PEOPLE CAN FUCKING TAKE THOSE PROBLEMS AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR ASSES FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE! I DEMAND FOR ANTVILLE TO BE BACK UP! DEMAND!!! You know what else I've noticed people!? Ever since they moved us from Antville, K.W.G. Went down, for good. Fuck you Kris or whoever the fuck moved us. Fuck you straight to hell. I am not resting until we get moved back.

Voodo213, I'm with you through all the revenge. Who else is with us?

And yes... Insanity is a great thing to have, don't think it's bad. Insanity is good.

I suggest all you people reading this right now, to come check here reguarly or however the fuck you spell it, it's time we get things back to the way it used to be.


Oh and sorry for such a long post everyone, I have to speak my mind about this all 
lisarama89 said on 29. Dec, 19:43:
Exellent speaches Voodoo and Angel. *Claps*
Yeh, Rebelling against Kris, brilliant.
Voodoo, nuffin wrong with being crazy, better than being normal. U sound v intelligent and it gd u sticking up for everyone. 
voodo213 said on 29. Dec, 20:07:
yeh I just wrote a long speech,but my computer froze, make it short,thankz for the compliments,nice speech Angel,and yer welcom lisa,and thanks fer yer oppinions!Now to set up a plan,e-mail me at!kris is a jerk,and must pay the price!being crazy,you realize yer full potential,and for me,the sky is less than my limit! 
voodo213 said on 29. Dec, 20:11:
when you read this message(dating back to SUNDAY,14,AUGUST 2005,14:23)I to have people in my head,and they are PISSED!(at kris)! 
voodo213 said on 29. Dec, 20:12:
angelinwaitin030 said on 1. Jan, 10:09:
We're the cruel regulators.
Happy New Years everyone. And yes now we must plot our revenge against the motherfuckers. *points at Kris with a gun* You're next motherfucker. 
lisarama89 said on 1. Jan, 15:06:
Yeh, happy new year! ^^
Hope this year gonna b gr8 for everyone. Plotting revenge sounds gr8...woopdy doo. 
voodo213 said on 4. Jan, 21:23:
im back!
ok,guys.My computer is seriously dying,the revenge may be postponed until summer break(when I go to my dad's house.
for now,I will be using the library computer,wich means I wont have daily acsess to the internet.BUT,we could all temporarally focus on creating our own forum!I might be on once or twice a week,but that just slows me down,for now.
And we WILL get revenge,it'll just take longer,but slow and painfull is what antvill deserves!

(that should be the name of our resistance,THE REGULARZ!!! 
voodo213 said on 4. Jan, 21:25:
Ashia said on 4. Jan, 22:46:
My my everyone all hiyped up. 
lisarama89 said on 5. Jan, 18:22:
yeh we seem to all be agressive here to kris....Fine by me!! But not sure what revenage we shall take. 
voodo213 said on 5. Jan, 20:56:
Hey all!
At the library computer today!lisa(mind if I just call you lisa?)we will work on a plan,it will take time,but there are too many actions we could take now,we should narrow it down.But whatever it is,its gonna be good!

angelinwaitin030 said on 7. Jan, 00:40:
Does Kris even read these posts?

Speaking of attacking things... I would like to ask you all, how many of you would like to participate in the Myspace Genocide. Yes, me and my friends have decided Myspace is for n00bs. A place were petifilers can just track you down and stuff... So, yes we are taking it down. I'm not going into further details but if you are interested just ask. Also... We are doing the same with Neopets. <--- Because that place is just... No.

Back to the topic though, what exactly are we gonna do about Kris? We need plans... And good ones.

Oh and Kris, if you're reading this... I hope you know that we don't like you, no one does. So for the sake of everyones lives. Go die in a ditch. Bastard. 
lisarama89 said on 7. Jan, 14:04:
The Myspace Genocide sounds awsum. I would like to participate if i knew more about it.
Kris probz, 4gotten all about us. :-\ 
pet monkey said on 11. Jan, 00:50:
hi every1 im new and a friend of voodo213. :) and toast iz good...hmmmm :) 
pet monkey said on 11. Jan, 00:51:
im a girl 
pet monkey said on 11. Jan, 00:52:
pet monkey said on 12. Jan, 03:34:
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! :) 
lisarama89 said on 12. Jan, 18:40:
hi, are these friends or "friends" who, voodoo brother or sum1 was pretending to be? 
pet monkey said on 13. Jan, 00:44:
? :I Im friends w/ voodoo 213 
voodo213 said on 14. Jan, 16:00:
these are really my friends
hey everyone,bad news acsess is only on Saturdays due to school(dont ask).
Syko and Petmonkey have been good friends of mine for about 7 years,so please welcome them as certified REGULARZ.I expect everyone to get along with petmonkey,but at least try to get along with SYKO(he can difficult at times,no offence man).They both hate kris as much as us!

NOW I UNDERSTAND THAT WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COME UP WITH A PLAN YET,BUT DONT WORRY,SYKO AND I ARE WORKING ON IT!OVER DA PHONE!WE WILL PREVAIL,PETMONKEY IS GOOD AT REVENGE,SO HANG IN THERE,WHEN I GO TO MY DAD'S,I WILL HAVE COMPUTER ACSESS,BUT THATS IN THE SUMMER BREAK-NEXT YEAR(not tooo long of a wait,5-6 months)(really sorry guys)in the mean time though,(good news)I will still have Syko write messages from me,so technically i'll be on a lot more often!

lisarama89 said on 14. Jan, 19:48:
wooo. *welcomes Petmonkey and Syko* yeh, thanks for helping us with our plans for revenge. 
voodo213 said on 16. Jan, 18:26:
I agree,thanks peoplz!
voodo213 said on 16. Jan, 18:27:
Maby darkfall will also help?
km said on 17. Jan, 09:42:
hey, i switched my name, krab monk is now km
sean is now back. time is kinda short so, my e-mail is email sean. 
lisarama89 said on 19. Jan, 20:53:
Hiya Krab Monk ^-^
angelinwaitin030 said on 24. Jan, 03:33:
Chop Suey
Oh sick, new people. Nice to meet you all. I was going to say something but I forgot... Anyways about this whole 'Revenge' thing. I have the perfect plan... You ready to hear it people?

It's the same plan that me and my friend ZeTacoes (Jason) Are using for the Myspace genocide. We attack forums. Now listen... If you don't get that then listen up.

ON ANTVILLE. We should all make genocide screennames. Such as... I would be: Gen0cide1, Voodoo would be, Gen0cide2. AND SO FORTH. Then... The plan from there. Is raiding ALL THE FORUMS. ( You know how Kris said we got kicked out of Antville for having "Everyday conversations"? We can keep making new names if they somehow delete us, but still keep the gen0cide sort of name. Then we SPAM forums, until they bring us back to Antville.

I know there is a lot of consequences that could happen from it... But Antville isn't as big as Myspace, and what's the worse they could fucking do? Kick us out. It's not like they know our addresses and they're gonna hunt us down and send us to jail. Just like the great Daron Malakian says:

"They're gonna kick us out, they're gonna kick us all out, but we wont go away right? Even if they try and kick you out and put you in jail for anything you do, DON'T STOP DOING IT. DON'T GO AWAY" - Daron Malakian.

We're not gonna stop at this. I suggest we try the forum raids. ( As you see I've been planning *Wink* ) It's worth a try. And if they try to stop us. We do it again. And again. And again. UNTIL WE GET FUCKING ANTVILLE BACK. Anyways, I hope you all take my plan under consideration. And this is basically the same plan that me and my friend Jason are using for Myspace.

Also... I might end up drawing a picture for this, The Antville Raid. I'll send you all a link if I do.

Again, how many people like my plan? And terribly sorry for writing such a long ass blog thing.

voodo213 said on 27. Jan, 21:14:
angel,YOU ARE A FUCKING CRIMINAL MASTERMIND(thats a compliment)We all enter antville with Gen0cide names,and dominate REGULAR style!,hold on let me finish reading yer speech...perfect.
We can start by erasing creating new e-mails for antville,and signing up as Genocides,then we harass the shit outta them,next,develope a planning site,(all great hiests and invasions need a secret planning place,and I dont quite think this will cover it)Um...angel,If yer gonna takedown myspace,I suggest you watch out for animelover,she will not be happy.HAHAHAHA!lisa,you can be Gen0cide3,KM,yer #4(NO OFFENCE INTENDED)SYKO#5.until later,voodoo,signing out! 
voodo213 said on 27. Jan, 21:17:
angelinwaitin030 said on 28. Jan, 01:11:
Violent Pornography
Perfect... It would be awesome if you joined the Myspace Genocide. :] I've lost count... But I think you would be gen0cide5 or 6... I'll have to ask Jason.

And w00t, criminal mastermind... I like that. You say we need a secret planning place? I'll make one. It'll be easy. We don't need to make new e-mail addresses just for Antville. Just make up one. Er... Unless they send you a registration code or something... Whatever, if they don't do that, then just make up an e-mail address. It will keep our identities more secure. So here we have it...

Me = gen0cide1
Voodoo213 = gen0cide2
Lisarama89 = gen0cide3
KM = gen0cide4
syko 13 = gen0cide5

At any point... If they ban you from Antville, make a new name. ( Such as gen0cide6, 7, 8 - - so forth... ) Also, bring news to me or Voodoo213 if you're banned.

I am going to start working on our hideout site. It's going to be on gay Xanga, but I'll make the layout and everything. When I'm finished I'll post a link up and give you all access to it by giving you the password. That way we can all post our plans through updates there. And I'll have a C-Box there too so we can chat quicker and crap.

We are going to plan certain days for raids. Most likely over the weekend or Fridays ( Since I have to get off the computer at 10 on school days ). On those days... We all meet up at our secret place ( Which I'm in the middle of making right now ) At a certain time. And we plan from there where to raid. If at any point, you can't make it on the raid day. Please let me or Voodoo213 know.

It's time to get back Antville people. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 28. Jan, 03:36:
Stealing Society
Okay everyone...

^ Click link now.

Really crappy layout, I was rushed... I'll work on fixing it up a bit later.

Username: TheAntvilleRaiders
Password: ( If you want to post blogs and stuff... ) gen0cide

That's 'gen0cide' with a zero. Hope you all like it. 
voodo213 said on 28. Jan, 18:46:
Fridays or Saturdays will be perfect!thats basically the only time I get to use the computer.
Angel,I moved to the east coast,so I dont know if we will be able to acsess yer web at the same time,unless you also live east,then we just have to worry about lisa,she is in a different time zone.Well,Im gonna check out our planning site. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 28. Jan, 20:25:
I live in Florida, that's east right? ( Is insane at the moment ) Yeah it's east I think XD. So we will be able to get on at the same times. Oh... And another thing. Yesterday this piece of shit place kept shutting down when I was trying to post up the link to our site. If at any moment... This place shuts down completely. Meet at the HQ. 
pet monkey said on 28. Jan, 23:46:
Im back sorry i havent been on. my e-mail was messed up but its now fixed so Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 
km said on 30. Jan, 05:50:
man, i told ya. Im not into this gen0cide thing. no, my bad i didn`t, but still i dont think it will wrok. After a little while they`ll just rescrict all gen0cides. I miss antville to, and no offence, but German kinda sucks, but still. Nonvoilent protests man, thats how things get solved. Hell, if you want, i could probally get the WMs email and get us back on there. But, just a thought.sorry angelinwaitin 030, voodoo, or any one else i offended, and if so email me. just my opinion. also , if you have a link, i think you need //. and, i found the site of all the real gorillaz // 
angelinwaitin030 said on 6. Feb, 14:36:
Prison Song
This isnt a violent protest :D We're not killing anyone... >.>;;

We're taking over by force... Wait wtf? How can a protest even BE non-violent? Meh whatever. 
voodo213 said on 11. Feb, 20:25:
sorry for being so dam long...
lol,that was pretty good,Angel.Uggghhh,sorry 4 da wait,had bronkitis(it sucks).But Im back.KM,sorry man,you dont have to join us to be a friend,dont wanna force you.Angel,I av a few people who wanna join gen0cide,is it ok?

I should be back next friday or Saturday. 
angelinwaitin030 said on 12. Feb, 01:50:
Shut Me Up
Yeah, do they have e-mail or anything? Tell them to check out the headquarters and stuff... And sorry about your Bronkitis thingy... : ) 
voodo213 said on 13. Feb, 22:15:
I dont know.
I'll be sure to ask them about the e-mails,and will tell them where to go...and thanks 4 tha sympathy:) 
angelinwaitin030 said on 15. Feb, 14:08:
No problem, and... Happy Day After Valentine's Day everyone... I drew a sucky ass picture for it. XD

Right here ----> // 
lisarama89 said on 15. Feb, 19:30:
aww, wow, that pic is awsum!!! :D 
km said on 18. Feb, 08:27:
Yeah, its cool. Just saying man. Oh, yeah, i guess its not voilent, but its maulisious or some thing like that. Just something a aint realy into, but i am a hacker...S0 1 am /\ p|~|0ny(catcher in teh rye) .guess i was kinda pissed becuse, yet again, i broke a bone...s. This time it was R. Index. 2nd and R. midle 3rd. It hurt like a bitch.
yep, like a bitch. Also lisarama, your pic is pretty good. (might want pen next time, marcon rocks) 
angelinwaitin030 said on 19. Feb, 20:13:
Bring the Pain
Ouch, sorry about your broken bones...
Cool, you're a hacker? Nice... 
km said on 21. Feb, 23:41:
my bad
they are fractured, not broken, damn gmt(to lazy to change) 
km said on 23. Feb, 12:19:
what time is it
ok , i guess i add 9 hours(3:00)am, please email[i am so kinda alone, and tired. 
voodo213 said on 28. Feb, 22:17:
J0 everybody!
Wazzup D00Dz,Iv'e b33n workin 0n |>4 antvill problem!gtg,fast seeya! 
km said on 5. Mar, 20:51:
and i thought what id do
was be one of those deaf mutes(pg 198, catcher in the rye). Ah , yes voodo213, would one mind if i accist thy quest in the holy grale, of antville... It made cence when i was writting. Be bo boop, ro-ro-ro-robot. end transminication 
voodo213 said on 7. Mar, 21:56:
Dude,...yer kinda wacked,but hey who isnt?OK,uhm the may'st assist thou in thy holy grail of antville,eerrr,whatever! 
km said on 8. Mar, 05:23:
one's can yet but asist the hunt for the sister wyred
yeah, go team venture. . .ie me, my self, and the evil nomes(some are good) in case you are wondering, i am a little diranged b/c i have gotton very little sleep. very to much little sleep. i look like i have a black i and fell asleep during a phone call, then i ate brekfast. or illisions. one of the few. whoa you cant do a elisp(dot dot dot) 
angelinwaitin030 said on 13. Mar, 14:36:
And no sleep is good. Sleep puts you off guard and takes up all the precious time.
And I have no clue what you just said km 
km said on 13. Mar, 15:41:
i dont know
i realy dont. not much nothing no more. 
lisarama89 said on 18. Mar, 18:04:
any1 seen the el manana music video? is it true Noodle is dead?? *panics* I havnt seen the video so i dunnp if its true. :S 
angelinwaitin030 said on 19. Mar, 06:52:
El Manana
Yeah I've seen it. But I don't believe she's dead. Remember in the beggining of the video where she opens her eyes and you hear that noise? What if that is her waking up AFTER the crash. And she was just looking back on everything that happened. You noticed when she opened her eyes it was bright, like morning light. (Hence the name El Manana which means "The Morning")

I believe she crashed but survived and woke up, finding herself at the foot of a mountain called Monkey. 8D

Although, I'm still waiting on official news on what happened D8 
angelinwaitin030 said on 10. Apr, 14:44:
2 Hookers and an Eightball
Okay B4K4, I don't know who you fucking think you are, coming in and acting like you're fucking better than everyone when you're not. If you have a fucking problem with us people here, then you can fuck off somewhere else. I don't fucking go to you're fucking school, you meaningless piece of shit. Go commit suicide or something, you'll be making this world a better place. Keep you're fucking opinions to yourself, otherwise if that's too hard for you, go shove your head in a trash compactor for the better of us all.

So stop trying to act like a dickweed. And so I made a mistake about "The Morning" "The Tomorrow" WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK! IT'S A FUCKING MISTAKE. Jesus christ you need to get shot in the face or something. No one loves you here, and they never will. So kindly... Fuck off. You're the most pathetic person I've ever talked to in my fucking life. 
lisarama89 said on 4. May, 18:27:
obsessing about gorillaz and revenge over Kris is the only thing we can do! Is Voodoo leaving? 
Zakiir said on 12. May, 06:17:
El Manana
Hey, does anyone know the lyrics from El Manana? Im tryna figure it out and the ones on some net sites dont really seem to make sence. BTW, i saw on some site....uh said "Noodle is killed off in the last video, for 'El Mañana.' She's on the island from the 'Feel Good' video — which represents mental freedom — and in the end it gets blown out of the sky by black helicopters," Albarn said. "And Noodle is on the island, and she goes down in a ball of flames into the abyss. And it's fitting because the song is about the end of something. But it's got some hope in it. ... Maybe in time something good will happen." was // the band is 'being put on the shelf' but hey, maybe theyll come back, at least i hope so. Theyre one of the best groups out there in terms of originality and tying in their music with compelling video, they represent alot that seems to go on. so yeah. RIP noodles. 
Zakiir said on 13. May, 01:07:
oh yeah i forgot....
"She could come back from the fire, but not like Darth Vader," he said. "I mean, that 'Star Wars' thing, when he's burning in the lava, it looks really fake and rubbish. It looks like a B movie or something. It was rubbish. We'd never do something that bad. Unless, of course, we wanted to do it on purpose." ...same site as before // 
lisarama89 said on 21. May, 22:22:
all grown up
Shit you guys, I've only just come back. Wow, brings back memories. Ha, I lvoe coming back to site I havn't been on in years. I havn't listened to Gorilliz in like 2 years!! but just the other day i started again :D 

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