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alos in the comments. enjoy.
kris said on 16. Sep, 11:28:

Gorillaz "Dare"


direct wm link

not to be all anal but I totally missed this post - here it is with a pic. (thanks for the link and3)


who is that dude supposed to be? Frank Black? Alexi Sayle?

Love the song, video is cool (if somewhat un-epic for the Gorillaz) but can't say I'm a fan of their use of live-action - would rather see these guest stars as animated characters.

And is this a sequel to "Feel Good Inc."? Cause there seems to be a bunch of unsolved questions from that one.

apart from the slickly drawn characters I fail to see much merit in gorillaz videos. I wonder what theyre budgets are tho..

make the character sing or the singer appear means probably stupid product manager at the record company.

the head is shaun ryder from the happy mondays. definitely not the most well preserved man in music.

Is it just me or is this link not working?

I really want to see DARE whenever anyone can post a working link. Sorry to be so late to the party.

This was released on a unoffical gorillaz website:

" who were hosting the DARE video have pulled the video from their servers. I am reliably informed that they did not have authorisation to screen the video at this time. Those of you who managed to catch it consider yourselves lucky... the rest of you will have to wait until the video 'exclusive' screenings..."


GAY ... are you telling me no one here was badass enough to rip the source file?

consider them lucky, but that's just really really gay...
exactly when IS the "exclusive screening"?!?!?

but when i first heard this song i didn't think that this fits the gorillaz style. they usually have their own thing. it's just wierd. love the song though...

Since it is called DARE, I am assuming it is supposed to sound like Human League, right?


i'm confused.....

i'm sad i missed this one, as it's my favorite track off the album. someone should post a rip of it asap.

Video can be seen for 48 hours @ the gorillaz website:



There is also an extremely high quality rip floating around on USENET :)

to see the video on the website, don't you have to be a member? that's just what i've heard.


Hello. First off listen to this song and replace "Dare" with "there", sencound the song can be seen here:

Um Ashia, Do you own the album? Although the lyric is infact "there", the title of the track is "Dare".....

Trying to make people look dumb sometimes can backfire.... just so you know.....

Oh no! I didn't mean to make anyone look dumb. I'm sooo sorry! I'm dumb I'm dumb (really I am) I don't know the lyrics for the song, but I don own the album, I'm still sorry! You can burn my house. no wait, take me out of the house then set me on fire, mom won't have a place to live if you burn down the house. I request to be burried with my Hellsing books and my Pikahu. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Please don't hate me! Alothough everyone else does...I'm still sorry.....

If any one is dumb its me cause ive done a lot worse than you have ashia... dont worry we understand... well maybe not we but i do. if that makes u feel any better.

Thank you o much, your nothing like the mean kids at school, now I don't have never mind about that. Anyway I love the song. For some reason my mom thinks it sounds like a sing by Prince(?!) My crappy computer was even able to play the vidoe, kinda.

Its weird that u said that cause my mom thinks that it sounds like prince too(?!)Also thanks for not saying that im mean, it means alot!Glad that u feel better... cause i feel better to now. Oh ya, the other weird thing is that my dad thinks it sounds like Jackson(???!!!)Anyway I love this song too, its one of my favorits!

I have an odd question that no ones going to know but for some reason I'm going to ask it anyway. Does anyone know why we get to see Noodles eyes 20% of the time? And what's with the helmet?
p.S Glad you feel better Maraico.^_&

i know that she's japanese, and most japanese people has small eyes(yeah...)

i know that answer is kindda stupid, but it's true.

Well the question was stupid. Oh well, works for me.

Really... Noodles is a girl...I thought so, but I wasn't sure. And the helmet that she wears probably helps her think or something. zombie girl is right about the eyes...and its true.

But 2-D's eyes are hard to see sometimes as well. Actully, he doesn't have eyes, just big gaping holes. What happened to his eyes?

I don't know what happend to his eyes but maybe you should ask zombie girl that, she might know because I don't. Sorry about that.


Y noodles have a fringe ova her eyes...she has very pretty eyes...y hide em? At leasts he has eyes...russle has no eyes 2...arnt they just white?
All the other songs on the album r quite depressing I think they needed to put a happy song on it...DARE! Noodles doesnt sing in any of the other songs either.
Also, Im sure there is an amazingly ashstionishing reason y she wears a helmet...shame we will neva b sure.


Why don't you go to there fansite and ask them?

Again, exellent thinking! But cba to do so.

What does cba mean?


2D's eyes got dammaged from an accident.

I said this already on the Feel Good Inc section but most of you guys haven't heard it yet. Aug. 16 Dare will be airing on tv MTV to be exact. Really what does cba mean?

I don't know about the rest of the world, but flicking through the channels here in the UK, I spotted 'Dare' on MTV2 yesterday, and it didn't mention it being an exclusive.

Also, cba I guess mean 'can't be arsed'.

I'm in the US. And the only big songs by the Gorillaz here is Client Eastwood and Feel Good Inc, so there trying to get more peole to listen to them by making the song a big deal, but it's not gonna work. Why? because they don't think like we do.


it's weird. i did get a few of my friends to like gorillaz... the others just don't appreciate their songs,
most of my friends thinks they're kool cuz they're the first virtual band.

it said that noodles helmet was a radio helmet err sumthin

I finnally saw the video. it was so COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL! I like the ending espacily though, very funny lol.

the end of the video.. how it shows murdoc waking up from a dream about shaun ryder <-- if i spelt that right and shaun ryder waking up from a dream about the DARE song thing lol .. so basically was it all in murdocs head?


no, it was all in Noodle's head. She gave Murdoc the dream.

ahh i get it now

Check out // if you like to read a non-fiction about the Gorillaz or if you'd like to know how KWG started.

Where the heck did everybody go?


im here!!

er...about the helmet that noodle wears....i read somewere that its an mp3 player.....

like i said radio helmet.. wait .. erm same thing it plays music u get it

I think it's a mini computer thing that tells here which keys to press on the piano to get the right sound.

wait ur talking about the helmet in the dare video?? thats just a normal football (i guess idk) helmet but she used to have a radio helmet thats not it

Ashia said on 20. Sep, 22:51:
Some evil person moved it. 
voodo213 said on 22. Sep, 22:41:
If your talking about this website,It was'nt moved,it's the homepage.EVERYONE!!!I HAVE CREATED A NEW GORILLAZ THREAD AT VIDEOS ANTVILLE!!!GO THERE AND LOOK FOR MY,"GORILLAZ FANZ"STAEMENT!!!WE CAN START OVER!!!And if we ever want to see our prievious writings,this place has them!!!ANYWAY,LOOK 4 MY SIGNATURE "GORILLAZ FANZ"STATEMENT,AND CLICK IT!Our new Videos Antville thread has begun!It will be just like before,only better! 

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